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  1. Attacks on the man's appearance have no bearing on the discussion his philosophy. Comments like this remind of a time I heard Ayn Rand described as, "that haggard, shriveled [REDACTED]". I'm sure most here would agree that her appearance has had no impact on your understanding of Objectivism, or your willingness to accept that A is A.
  2. The enthusiastic explorer has existed for a long time. People who go places others have not simply to observe them, because they value the discovery itself. I assume at some point a fervent exploratory mind would decide to see what could be found, and would reap his just reward. EDIT: Wording unclear.
  3. I was expecting an open letter to the band Rush, and now I'm very disappointed. Trouble with the trees, indeed!
  4. It's strange that they don't make any attempt to explain why this 'disease' was completely unknown outside of the very wealthy until recently. Quite a conundrum, that.
  5. Can we even consider a child of that age rational, much less capable of understanding what he has done?
  6. Board game wise, I would recommend Power Grid.
  7. One thing I like about this forum is how much I learn about my own thought process. I'll admit that I was(initially) pleased to hear about this injury, but this thread made me think about what exactly I was happy about: Another human being suffering an accidental injury... Yeah. Well, let's just say I've re-thought that position. Also, I've learned that this board really needs a good exterminator. Those damn crickets are everywhere!
  8. Given the relative ease with which e-voting can be tampered with(Google Diebold and see what turns up), I'd say your country is better off with paper slips. As for me, I will not be voting because I am Canadian, and for that reason am not legally entitled to do so. I will continue to look across the border in horror at two candidates who view my country's lumber industry as a personal affront.
  9. Earlier in the topic some online book lending services were mentioned in passing; anyone care to to provide links?
  10. I just moved it up to 1337 diggs. That makes me smile.
  11. Ooh, oooh, I've got another one! We could build a new geothermal plant on a vent that's too small for commerical applications and use it to run an ice maker. Then we can put the ice cubes into the ocean and cool it down.
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