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  1. Rational Biker, It is an independent, each individual theater has to make the independent decision to purchase the film reel or not. You should contact your local theater instead of "demanding" it. Also, I give this movie several thumbs up. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I also found it strange that they decided to cut the guilt thing of hank's it was strange...
  2. Ragnar Danneskjold had something to say on that too. said the original story didn't matter, just what people derived from it, the credo of "take from the rich to give to the poor"
  3. Welcome to OO.net, and be sure to read as many topics as you can and feel free to ask any questions. Welcome aboard and have fun
  4. it was 3000ft in 3 minutes and 48 seconds. still impressive, but quite so much.
  5. David, the one problem with that is that a return can be used as evidence in a criminal tax evasion or fraud case. since it can be used as evidence, it could be said that by filing one you are potentially bearing witness against yourself. as well, the return says this itself (in the fine print). so yes, in order to file your return, you must waive your fifth amendment rights.
  6. I would first like to point out that this method requires you pay your taxes (as in, they will be withholding all of you tax money until they either refund it or you win it the suit) and the only reason that you can ask for it back is that they can't use it if you have not filed a return, but plan to (which is what you are doing). and yes, his 6 cases are unrelated (I read his entire "book" searching for info), but they pointed out that the IRS cannot "force" you to file, you must do it voluntarily(naturally, if you don't file, they can hit you with pretty nasty fines, but it's still your "
  7. well yes, keeping your life can never be immoral, but I can assure you there is a way. I posted a topic here
  8. *** Mod's note: Merged with an existing topic. -sN *** To start off with, I must give credit where credit is due. All of this comes from http://www.anti-irs.com/, but it's very long winded. so i'll make it short and sweet. I would like to start off that evading paying your taxes (to start off with) will cause a ton of problems, and will make your life a living hell. so, let's begin. First, a crash course on the income tax and the income tax-return. In order for the income tax to work it requires the income tax return. whenever the IRS thinks you short-changed them on your taxes, they wi
  9. I guess you're right. This was just a bad way of me transitioning into sharing my method with everyone. and yes, I do agree it would ethical to do so illegally, but reason ends were force begins, and "criminal" tax evasion does have a hefty penalty to it. I wouldn't mess with illegal methods do to that. EDIT I'm actually to make a topic describing the method in the activism section.
  10. If i were to know of a way to legally not pay taxes here in the states, would it be unethical for me to do so? (yes, i do know of a legitimate way)
  11. My suggestion, If you're healthy and young, don't take the vaccine. it hasn't been thoroughly tested and I wouldn't trust it. I'm going to hoof it out for a few more years before i'll accept the vaccine.
  12. I agree with Greedy on this, Roark didn't see them as enemies. He saw them as what they truly were, misguided men who were taught that the only way to suceed in architecture was to be a second-hander. If I'm not mistaken several quotes point to this in Fountainhead, such as where Roark told Toohey that he didn't think of him (don't have the exact quote on me, I'm paraphrasing)
  13. Meatloaf- Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  14. I often Copy and Paste Quotes from the forum site to my facebook status and today I attempted to add this quote Beleiving there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-o, and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have.--Penn Jillette and it redirected the page to more quotes, which I assume are from this website. It was awesome.
  15. Though, physically, I have no wings. A couple months ago I had come to this forum asking for advice on whether or not I should complete the steps to become an Eagle Scout and i got a resounding yes (no, I don't dwell on the opinions of others and i didn't ask because I hang your every word, I just needed a bit of encouragement.) Well, alot of stress and hardwork has paid off. I am now an official Eagle Scout of the BSA. WOOHOO! So congrats to me and thanks for the nudge everyone. Thar be all
  16. While I do disagree with the President on alot of points, i must say he is quite the speech-giver. I remember nodding at points I don't agree with, he is quite the persuader. Overall, while I do hate the healthcare reform in general (in this particular direction) I do have to say that this is the best option for the current time (Ie. a Democratically controlled congress, and no party to stand against them that I support (yeah, republicans need to get back into shape)). I could live with a public option, and all of the reforms that go with it, for now. especially a call for everyone to get heal
  17. 2 million? it seems a tad bit... Gigantic. but getting past that, the fatality rate being put at 4.5% to 3%? in the Spring they had originally put it at epidemic rating, with a predicted 7% fatality rate. The reality... with a mortality rate of less than 1% and less than 200,000 cases, I think that the number's a fair bit too high. Is it a problem? sure, just like any other disease. Does it call for such a freak out again? I think not. In the prime last year, my entire school was covered with anti-flu stuff, we had at least two school meetings about the importance of washing hands, meanw
  18. After the pathetic "outbreak" of H1N1 last spring, the Presidential Committee on Science and Technology have made a new prediction for this spring... 2 million people will be infected and 90,00 to 30,000 will die http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2009-0...u-vaccine_N.htm Obviously a pathetic estimate, at best, which will more than likely be proved false... yet again.
  19. Yes, the current bill being discussed in the house is a public option, essentially a government run health insurance company. It'll flop in a few years because it is flawed at it's core, but it will probably "ease" the general public into a universal healthcare bill. that's their plan anyways.
  20. Favorite shows by far have to be: Family Guy: I watch it on Adult Swim, always miss it on FOX. brikufa, I have to agree with you Phineas and Ferb RULE. The Big Bang Theory: my favorite primetime show How I Met Your Mother: second favorite primetime and lastly, Castle, a new Primetime show that I hope continues onto this season.
  21. Ok, as of last Saturday I was done and everything is going to be sent to my local council (so yes, I did decide to finish, all that remains is the board of review)
  22. While I merely read Saturday morning Breakfast Cereal for some giggles, It's always interesting when they attempt to fit in philosophy. I do quite enjoy this one. http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=co...p;id=1601#comic
  23. Ok, for anyone is wondering, 2 months ago I had not just 2 merit badges, but three and my project to do. I managed to get two of the three merit badges done and am on the actual project part of my project. I have 1 week to finish, which is very doable. thanks for everyone's support.
  24. Yes, very close to how I imagined him. I know I have a problem with tense switching, it's my Achilles heel. yes the loop hole will be shown. (err, I thought I had explained it, but i'll put it more bluntly)
  25. mostly on visual appearance. I also base it a little bit on the design made to keep very cool (parts away from all others and a massive water cooling unit.) But it reminded me of Mr. Roark because it's very honest in it's design, it shows all of the parts that are present, not attempting to hide anything. and yes, design was a bad word. I merely meant the way it looked, not it's specs and placement (and so on)
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