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  1. Is the expanded edition of Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology modified in any way? Or does it just have some extra things? Thanks in advance.
  2. Not the work, the product of it. The skill that allows the work to be done always belongs to the self. Working for others is a great way to practice and learn new skills.
  3. Please respond to this consultation and disagree with their proposals. Thanks!
  4. I can understand this from Churchill's perspective and the perspective of those who got to survive or were born after. But if you are the one who dies, what does it matter to you that civilization is saved?
  5. Sorry to go a bit off topic here, but one can sell her image without permission? I'm still confused where copyrights lie on this matter.
  6. Protest it. In Portugal it was abolished in 2004.
  7. Some of his views are rather fascist. What's his appeal?
  8. Sacrifice in that context just means they died in the job they chose as their personal value.
  9. I think a debate should be friendly and should be an honest attempt to find the truth and settle disagreement, not a fight. (The link doesn't work for me, I get forwarded back to Facebook's home page.) I don't know what you argued, but the only rational argument against national healthcare for me is that it often doesn't give an individual what he needs when he decides he needs it, since it's the government who will establish priorities.
  10. Why not make a honest film called "Capitalism, a Love Story."
  11. Is IP your father? If so, he sounds like the kind of parent that will treat you like adults commonly treat children until you move out his house. If you are independent and out of his house already, nothing is forcing you to relate with him but your own irrationality.
  12. My reply to a friend: "Nice sentiment, but the question behind it is: who is going pay for their healthcare and how? When we start thinking that responsibility for something should be collective, we are inviting Big Brother goverments."
  13. I liked your version of the speech, David.
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