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  1. I agree he was never really a Bourbon, but always a progressive piece of crap. He is grouped in with them though for a reason that I can't figure out.
  2. Grover Cleveland was a total badass. And the Bourbons were pretty cool, except Wilson. Hes a douche.
  3. Dude, don't apologize. Our generation is very, very stupid. I'm 18 by the way. Hardly anyone values intelligence, respect, or responsibility. We suck. We really do. Comparing a generation to an ethnic group doesn't make sense either. They are totally different. One is based on genetics, the other on culture.
  4. Why is smoking marijuana immoral? I'm just curious.
  5. The best way to question teachers, is to ask innocent sounding questions, in an innocent tone. The key being that the question completely and utterly destroys everything they have said for the last hour. It makes professors squirm, its great!
  6. i just signed up where should i move to? my name in-game is drchiill
  7. Dr Chiill


    I just want to point out that the "bringing a baby into this world when you cannot provide for it" argument is not very well thought out. My mom was 17 years old when she got pregnant. And I can tell you from experience that I am very very glad to be alive right now. I don't care how horrible the kids life is: A crappy life is unfathomably better than no life at all. And one other thing, please let me know if my logic on this is terrible skewed. When a 4.0 student in high school dies through no fault of his own such as being hit by a drunk driver, we mourn the loss of life yes, but especially in a case such as this we mourn the tragedy that they never had a chance to be great. That their potential greatness was never actualized. Cannot this same concept be applied to the potentiality of the human mind in a fetus?
  8. Dr Chiill


    What I meant to convey was that the fetus is basically just as developed as a 1 minute old baby. There is no way whatsoever to determine whether a fetus or infant is rational, simply because they are not capable of it. I am not proposing that an 8 month old fetus possesses the faculty of reason. Our rights come from our mind and its amazing abilities. Why are then rights endowed upon infants that do not posses rationality? Mixon, I wasn't trying to equate abortion with infanticide. I'm sorry if it sounded like that.
  9. Dr Chiill


    Once brain activity has begun, and the fetus is essentially fully developed it must have some inherent value. Just because the child "violates the rights of the mother" does that really give her the right to kill a scientifically fully developed human being? Just because a thief violates your right to property, essentially enslaving you to their life, that does not give you the right to blow their brains out if you happen to see the guy walking down the street. Infanticide is evil, bottom line, for the same reason it is evil to kill a full grown adult. It would be a violation of their right to live.
  10. Dr Chiill


    I would draw the line sooner, not later. Infanticide is evil by almost any standard.
  11. Dr Chiill


    It seems completely arbitrary that a fetus can somehow have less rights 1 second before it is birthed than 1 second after. It is definitely not the acorn: oak tree analogy here. It is scientifically and observably exactly the same after birth as before birth. Rand defines Man as "A Rational Animal," meaning an animal that possesses "the faculty of reason." And only a Man can have rights. An un-birthed fetus most certainly does not posses the faculty of reason, not to mention language. And they do not somehow attain the "faculty of reason" the moment they are born. So, like I said, using birth as the standard for defining when the fetus becomes a Man with Rights, is completely arbitrary.
  12. I had heard that they may have been in China as well, but this seems unlikely as I would think China to be very upset by a North Korean incursion on their territory. But since they seem to be relatively quiet on this issue I somewhat doubt it. I see what you mean Jake, it is illogical to "send in the cavalry" every time some careless American ends up in a foreign prison. But with North Korea they have repeatedly acted out against us, so don't you think a discussion of military action at least has some merit?
  13. Bioshock is a great game, I also thought that at first the game was criticizing Objectivism, but I now think that it was actually pushing for it. Andrew Ryan was at first an Objectivist, but became more unprincipled as time went on. His lack of Objectivism was the downfall of Rapture.
  14. I see your point Jake, but it just doesn't make sense to let a country like North Korea do what is wishes to our people. America cannot afford to appear weak in the worlds eyes. I guess i was making my point on the presumption that North Korea was not fully nuclear capable, if they are it changes the whole ballgame.
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