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  1. Enjoyable read. "Validating Aximos with a Co-worker" sounded like some clever innuendo. Was sorely disappointed.
  2. I'm still having a little trouble with this. Especially in regards to solipsism. I've seen the solipsist response to a few of the comments here. Generally goes along the lines of (using Mindy's quote): "The argument just notes that to say something is "illusory" one must define that term. And to define "illusory," one must distinguish "mere appearance" from reality, and in doing that, you have validated reality/existence." Solipsist response: "Why? Why can't the mind just create terms and definitions? If I only exist, why does my mind rest on the rules of a created illusion?" This seems to be what they always resort to - that their view can't be invalidated by the rules of logic we accept in reality because that reality may not be real therefore those rules of logic are moot. Another idea I heard from someone going down similar lines but in regards to a different issue: "Evolution and creation are equally likely because scientists accept 'reality' on faith and therefore are no better then the christians who accept God on faith". Sorry about having trouble with this, I'm still learning metaphysics/epistemology after spending most of my time learning about ethics.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I feel I have better grasp of specifically why such an argument is faulty.
  4. I'm sure quite a few of you have heard the philosophical idea that goes along the lines of - "You can't be sure the universe even exists. It may just be an illusion, dream, the matrix, etc". I've heard it regularly lately and I know it's flawed and it seems inherently contradictory. But i can't express in words why it is. I was just wondering if anyone could give a clear sort of answer explaining just what is wrong with such an idea. Thank you.
  5. Because I haven't read the series for a couple of years, I'll copy and paste this answer from a guy on another forum: "WFR takes place about 35 to 40 years after DoB. Zedd's daughter was only about 4 yr's old at the time. Darken didn't rape her until she was in her late teens (best guess). It was another 20 years until we meet Richard at the start of WFR. If you recall the scene with Carl (the little boy Darken used) - that was not Darken's first attempt at such a thing. He had been using the Underworld to cross the boundary for a long time. That was what the writing on his father's crypt was for. It was a set of instructions on how to safely enter/return from the underworld. Essentially, Darken used the underworld to get "across" the boundary. During one of his trips he raped Zedd's daughter - but he didn't know who she was at the time - and then the rest is history."
  6. Yeah, I did mention that. However his argument is that it would happen more often in a private prison. Would I be right in saying that in a true free market system where government funding for the court system is done voluntary, it would include prisons as part of that voluntarily funded judicial system?
  7. Hey there, I was arguing with someone about free markets online and we got on to the topic of fraud. He brought up this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kids_for_cash_scandal as proof that private prisons are a bad idea as they lead to more corruption and fraud. He then said this: "Private prisons make better profits the more prisoners they receive. Therefore, it is in their best interests to encourage more criminals into the system. They may do this via a number of ways. One might be bribing judges to give harsher penalties for lesser crimes. A state-owned prison makes no profits, and therefore is not driven to encourage more criminals. Such a situation as described above is less likely to happen in a state run and owned system." I'm having a bit of trouble replying. I did bring up the fact that in the kids for cash scandal, the fraudulent criminals were punished however his points were that a private prison allows for that sort of thing to happen more often. I'm sure there is examples of corruption and fraud in state-owned prison system however I don't know of any examples. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. And we should also acknowledge that a theater is privately owned and the owners have the right not to allow people to scream fire untruthfully.
  9. Sorry, I think you misunderstand. I was asking for specific examples of non-Objectivist supporters of self-interest and egoism, which implies they'd be well known. And thanks for the link softwareNerd
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew of any non-objectivists who have supported self-interest or defended the ideas of self-interest?
  11. On the topic of sci-fi. I just read a really good sci-fi novel that I think most Objectivists would like theme-wise. It's called 'Emphyrio' by Jack Vance. Written in 1969. It's about a planet called Halma, that is completely controlled by welfare agents, where every citizen works as some form of artisan, the welfare agents take their work, sell it, and distribute the money throughout society. The society are also controlled by lords who take a portion of the citizens wealth as well (much like taxation). It follows the story of a young man who wants to be financially independent (meaning earning enough wealth to not be dependent on welfare anymore, a near impossible task on Halma without leaving the planet). The novel is quite individualistic, pro-freedom, anti-welfare. And it's only short (about 208) pages. Highly recommended.
  12. I'm not sure of her acting abilities, but Amber Heard is a gorgeous young actress and also a Rand fan.
  13. Ah, he was stating misconceptions I'm pretty sure. That wasn't his personal beliefs.
  14. First video- Seriously, morons. Second video- Hahaha.
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