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  1. There are so many complaints within the Objectivist community about Objectivism not being taken seriously. With Objectivism pondering the morality of dueling, I just can't imagine why! I mean, that precisely the kind of question we should be analyzing.
  2. Yes, I read about your arthritis. Did You read when I asked you if you thought there is any connection with your thinking and your health. Arthritis is a physical condition frequently caused by our mental condition. I wasn't being mean when I asked that question. Arthritis is one of those conditions where "change your thinking, change your body," all too often applies.
  3. Why do you ask? Because I believe people should be independent? Yes, that would be part of the objectivist creed.. Also, does it confuse you when I believe a 26-year old who lives at home and whines about his parents needs help?
  4. You guys make it sound as if this is something men do to women. Wake up, gents. This game has been played by women far longer and with greater success than you realize. I've never known a guy to catch on.
  5. How can there be a right answer? Recycling is a matter of personal preference. The question bothers me because I've seen all too many objectivists trying to find some gospel truth instead of using their heads. Some people want one thing, others, another. Is there only one answer for objectivists? People aresn't clones. They are individuals, with individual opinions and options. I just don't like people trying to act according to some "party line."What logic is being confirmed for anyone who is trying to decide whether recycling is right or wrong within the narrow confines of one state?
  6. Okay. So you ask me, "Do you want to read a story about an honest man?" How can I decide on such little information? "Objectivist Value" is a tad to abstract. For the most part, the books I read have honest characters. Let me put in another way. Toystoy's War and Peace has plenty of honest characters. Yet I for the life of me couldn't make it beyond 20 pages. t
  7. I have never understood how people can ask for answers for concretes in their lives. How about - should a resident in Texas recycle? ... Look, if you want to recycle, then recycle. I know of nothing that speaks against it. If you don't, then don't. It might be more important to be able to fit abstractions into concretes on your own.
  8. SkyTrooper, the earlier beginnings of the legend of Robin Hood are unknown, but it always had as it basis Robin Hood protecting England from evil King John (resulting in Magna Carta). At first (circa 1250 +), he was portrayed as an ordinary outlaw. Since his political stance and defying John become more and more important, the legend took on the twist that well, yeah, he was an outlaw, but he gave to the poor who were robbed by evil John. It was more of a political "spin" than a philosophical statement. I think Rand was unduly harsh on the legend. THe real purpose of the legend has always been Robin besting King John, and that has turned him into a folk hero. The rest is "spin."
  9. Just out of curiosity, how would I know what the story is about unless I read it first. Also, what are Objectivist values exactly within a story?
  10. As far as I can see, your family has supported you, is giving you food, shelter, an education, and I assume, a few other things. So, despite this, you DESPISE them. Do they have different beliefs than you do? They are entirely entitled to their differening opinions. They are also entitled to respect from someone they are providing for. My suggestion is you grow up before you start hating others. By the way, have you considered any connection between your health and your mental attitude?
  11. I agree communication's important, but if this guy NEVER takes you out and NEVER pays for anything, I'm sorry, it's not mind-reading to say he should know better. He just does't care or he has some weird ideas about independence. I'd say watch him closely. If he makes no effort to please you, why are you dating him?
  12. Yes, but we are talkng about THIS scenario.
  13. I've been there. I truly suggest you dump this cheapskate. Since you are vieweing this from an objectivist perspective, I'll remind you how much pleasure Rearden got from giving Dagny presents. Really. Dump him. I've learned that a man who is financially stingy is also emotionally stingy.
  14. Of course. Was there something about what I said that was difficult for you to understand?
  15. Does anyone here have any idea what they are talking about or is everyone just enjoying a game of word salad?
  16. claire


    Sure. Rearden signed over the metal because he was being blackmailed with revealing his relationship with Dagny. Sounds fair to me. I don't see a problem.
  17. Hmmm- In We The Living Kira indicates that she never notices what she wears and is totally indifferent to the sandals someone comments on. Guess she must have had low self esteem.
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