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  1. The winning essay was interesting. I didn't have the intention of reading Anthem but this essay sparked my interest. That's amazing that 16,000 students submitted essays to just this one essay prompt.
  2. In that case it makes sense. The idea of how this would work is rather funny to me. In essence you are trading a nude photo of yourself for faster access into the terminal.
  3. What is the point of having it in airports then?
  4. Just got the G2. The internet is extremely fast compared to the G1. Battery Life is about the same. Much better screen resolution and camera. Faster processor. I'm currently not planning on rooting it but my attitude will probably change in the future.
  5. Thanks for posting. It's interesting that none of the winners used visuals in their essays as you did.
  6. This is so pathetic. Interesting how the government says the Mosque should be built because of property rights yet the rights of those owning the land here are ignored. Hmm...
  7. This guy should have proofread this article before printing it. His biggest points are lacking basic common sense. What is that even suggesting? At what point have the rich payed enough. Is 80% (unsure on number) of taxes from top 5% not enough? I think he means that society fails to acknowledge the debt they owe to wealth people. I've never heard of this site "The New Republic". Anyone know what its intended audience is (conservative, liberal, etc.)?
  8. I thought it was a real scorpion before I opened up the thumbnail.
  9. This seems very interesting however as everyone else has said, I have no clue what amount of energy it has the potential to produce(article is vague on measurements). I have heard about a similar idea that generates power from cars rolling over speed bumps.
  10. It is sad that this is what many people think objectivism is. Objectivists are against force not for it.
  11. Yes, I would be willing to pay for prisons. There is nothing wrong with prisons, just the fact that we are forced to pay for them.
  12. I think a more pertinent question would be "Are you trolling"? Assuming you are serious (which I doubt), this is an idea that is irrational. Both the left and the right do a good enough job of making glaring contradictions without your help. Besides you can surely come up with a better way to spend your time.
  13. That's awesome that you're reading all of Ayn Rand's non-fiction, it should really clear up a lot of your questions. What you are missing, however, is that no rational person's self-interest would support stealing. Someone who is rational would realize that stealing is a violation of the rights of the person you are stealing from. Self-interest does not mean do whatever you want. Edit: Here's a quote from Rand:
  14. I wish I would have read this before attending my Theology class today. My professor started class by saying "remember that today is a day where we celebrate the murder of thousands of Indians". Bowden makes a great point regarding the overshadowing of the greatest benefit of Columbus Day.
  15. You seem to be confused over the definition of self-interest. It is not doing whatever you want. Self-interest does not mean you can violate the rights of other individuals which stealing obviously does.
  16. If I was in charge of the fire department I would have told the man he had to pay an extremely overpriced fee for us to come, but I would not have ignored it. It is awesome though that this city has a policy where it is optional to buy fire protection. Edit: Sorry I didn't answer your question. I think there is nothing wrong with what the fire department did since the man knew what he was doing when he refused to pay the $75.
  17. I enjoyed the movie but I was disappointed to find that it was inaccurate in many ways. My favorite line was when Zuckerburg says "hold on, let me check your math" in response to the attorney's statement.
  18. If you do know what his views are more specifically I'd be interested, google gives me nothing. If not no worries.
  19. I'm kind of confused and the link you provided did not help. Your title implies the novel was banned in the country (as in no paper copies available), but your post makes it sound as if it was just banned on internet forums. Could you clarify.
  20. I just listened to an interview of Trump talking about running for office. Any opinions on this? I don't have much respect for how he's gained his wealth but I've never known anything about his political views. He says he'd run as a republican.
  21. Wow, the original question is a lot different from what people are responding to. I would kill the owner of the land since it is not rational to tell someone to leave your property when it means certain death for yourself. However, if he offered a reason that I found true (which the question seems to suggest he doesn't) such as he could prove to me that his existence on the island could not support anyone else (limited food supply etc.), I would leave. To me objectivism is a way to approach issues, not a concrete list of things you must follow. mrocktor statement that "what you think is irrelevant" seems to be suggesting the latter which I sincerely hope is not a view held by all objectivists.
  22. That's awesome. Google defined empirical economics as . If that's correct I'd be interested in reading the essay.
  23. This is what they posted on their website. I can't imagine anyone who would be offended by the murder of children... Also, are people still obsessed with this carbon dioxide omission nonsense. Termites omit more carbon dioxide each year then all living things combined. Maybe they should go after those little boogers before blowing up kids.
  24. I read the summary here. You may or may not consider this source unbiased but a summary of the possible effect of the bill: . It is noteworthy where some of the $900 million is actually going such as to indian tribes who will be affected by CLEAR, and a "conservation fee" of $2 per barrel of oil will be added.
  25. There is only one comment out of the first 50 that recognizes the problem with this (on the site the article was posted). Being handicapped sucks, but by allowing him to score they are basically saying to him he will never succeed unless people have pity on him. Yeah, it might have a positive effect in high school if he never finds out the reason he constantly runs 50 yard touchdowns with 10 seconds left in the game but in the real words it will have quite the opposite effect.
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