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  1. I admit that I am a novice in Economics. Why don't you spit out your views? That's how a forum WORKS.
  2. Thank you for clearing my doubt. That sounds more logical to me now. It would be better for the author to pinpoint that factors such as education level and number of children need to be taken care of contributes to the income level of a woman, as opposed to just race. Is it justifiable to conclude that black women have a low income because in general, they receive lower education and perhaps having more children, if relevant surveys are carried out?
  3. The behavior of farmers and those involved in subprime mortgage crisis is driven by greed. The temptation of a better off living standard lure them to accept offer from bankers without considering the risks associated. If those lenders can foresee the recession and that they would be vulnerable to debts, they would make such loans. At the end of the day, the education of finance knowledge matters.
  4. Oh I thought it was the "jacket on, jacket off" lesson. I really like the quote "There is no such thing as a bad student".
  5. Thank you for backing my arguments and saving my hassle of breaking out the books. The consequence of deficit spending would probably be a greater disparity of wealth among juniors (It would be easier to understand using the words taxpayers or the next generation), and that the highly uneven distribution of resources is not what economists wish to see. Put government spending aside, if I were the authority of the college I would want to get the snazziest computers installed on my campus. Resources is put to best use when it is utilized, as opposed to leave it unused and stale.
  6. Okay, so the statistics are being measured only in the US. My question is, on page 6 of the report, the discrepancy of wealth between single white woman and black woman is so large - 41,500 and 100. If the measurement is based on a set of correlated factors and the figure of black woman wealth is biased, why there is such a difference between the two numbers?
  7. The North Korean government is trying to stabilize the exchange rate by issuing a new currency.
  8. Indeed. It seems like she is redirecting audiences focus by tying economy and environmental issues together. Well, I do think environmental sustainability plays a major role in improving our living standard, but it is irresponsible to simply put that preserving the environment can fix the economy.
  9. It seems that OSHA focuses on frivolous fines that cannot improve workplace safety. This incident might well teach them a lesson.
  10. I am not entirely sure about the topic. Do you mean that the money supply will increase as the government guarantees those mortgages? Why if the 6 trillion is not being put on the books the national debt will increase to 16 billion?
  11. aequalsa's argument makes sense. The population of black women in Africa and other parts of the world are larger than in US and as they have a lower wealth, the over median wealth would be even out.
  12. Are you saying that instead of purchasing from a single supplier, the government should purchase from multiple suppliers to curb monopoly?
  13. I am no Economics expert but I can account for the argument your classmate made. His argument rests on the Keynesian model of aggregate expenditure=C+I+G+(X-M). When G increases - buying more snazzy computers -, aggregate expenditure will increase and therefore stimulate the economy. However this effect is short term, in the long run it hurts the economy. I have to break out the book to look for that.
  14. Thank you for your explanation. From my understanding of your explanation, China has been keeping RMB undervalued by pushing up the RMB money supply. The price level has to rise in order to compensate the lowered value of RMB. As a result, inflation kicks in. Another concern of the government is that the appreciation of RMB would also entice the flood in of hot money, as speculators expected to earn money through China securities. When the bubble pasts, hot money rush out and the economy of China would be hit harder than it would be. Correct me if I am wrong.
  15. Hi folks, I am a first year MBA student taking an Economics course. My colleagues and I are having trouble learning by just poring over books, so instead I change my learning process by facilitating discussion online, incorporating business knowledge to my daily life. China, in my preception, is experiencing a significant inflation as the government is maintaing an undervalued currency exchange rate. A low exchange rate results in a hefty trade surplus. What if there is an appreciation of RMB? My professor said such appreciation would push down inflation and according to Philip's curve, would spur a tepid output and heighten unemployment. Why would the appreciation of dollars push down inflation? Canada, when compared to US, has a lower trade surplus as the loonie is firting greenback with parity. Despite a sign of recovery after the recession in 2010, locals are pessemistic about the outlook of the economy. Some analysts even note that there would be a double dip recession.Bank of Canada governor, Mark Carney, still carry out the monetary policy of increasing money demand by holding interest rate to as low as 1%. My professor pointed out that Japan did a China a favor by purchasing European bonds. How did that happen?
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