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Actually I did a little searching further into this, for what it's worth, and he is pretty explicit about it, what do you think?: This is a transcription and there is also a video in this LINK you can watch:

(bold emphasis mine)

It's hard to believe he would be so stupid. All he is really admitting though, from the transcript, is that he had an ideology for 40 years, and it was wrong and it didn't work. That doesn't mean Objectivism is wrong. He hasn't been implementing an "Objectivist" economic model for the last 40 years. Anyone who has studied Objectivism has to know that. He is not speaking to us. He is speaking to a congressman who has never studied Objectivism, and believes that Greenspan has been applying Objectivism. Yes, Greenspan should fight the implication. He's a strange, strange man, this Greenspan is.

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