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movie: The Core

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Hi everyone! Has anyone here seen the movie The Core? I watched it last night and it is a wonderful concretization of rationality!(Of humans using reason.)

It's definetly second to Braveheart and Chocolat! Any suggestions for other movies similar to the above? -Carrie.

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I haven't seen the movie, but the plot sounded pretty empty to me. Perhaps I will try it out -- it can't be worse than all the garbage that comes these day. If you really liked it, I encourage you to submit a review at http://ObjectivismOnline.com/Review

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*movie spoiler*

It is anything but reasonable. Basic plot from what I've read is, a government weapon used to create earthquakes has a nasty side effect that stops the core of earth from rotating, and they have X amount of time to start it up again or the earth freezes over.

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