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Safest place to live in the USA? (other than the middle of nowhere)

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Sounds like New Hampshire to me, off the top of my head, but I haven't done much investigation on such a thing. I know that New Hampshire has very lax weapon carry laws and the taxes are pretty low there. Their government got somewhere around 10 Free State Project people in there in the mid-term election, and I believe it was 30+ liberty-favoring individuals (i.e. more libertarian than Republican/Democrat). I don't have names though, it is a policy of the Free State Project not to reveal the names of these people because then campaigns can be done to limit their efforts or get them taken out of office next time around by the status quo politicians. It also doesn't have all that large of a population, usually the larger cities are more likely to have crime as a natural side-effect, so my assumption is that the crime there is not too bad. Great business environment if you are feeling entrepreneurial. The main thing keeping me away from there is the cold weather.

If you are not aware of what the Free State Project is:



The plan, I believe is to do this with 5 states in the United States and focus on deregulating and "libertizing" them, so that people with these views have more compatible locales to live in than what is the status quo. New Hampshire was the first and is the farthest along and from my moderately-thorough look into the situation there in general (I looked into it in-depth about a year ago) they seemed to be making surprisingly good progress. It helped that their representatives and populace were already somewhat sympathetic to these ideas in a good number of ways.

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...safe from man-made and natural disasters, crime, and with relatively stable economies...

...New Hampshire...

As someone who grew up in the Granite State (or the Shire, as many of us fondly call it, that should tell you something) I can confidently say it may be what you are looking for. The economy is still decent (lots of small business, too). The crime is very low (some issues around Manchester, or Manchvegas as we call it, but nothing compared to say... Baltimore), the only man-made disaster you might have to worry about is the nuclear power plant in Seabrook, but nuclear power is very safe nowadays. Then there are the natural disasters, I have one question for you regarding that: do you like snow and if so how much? Because we can get a lot of it.

If you live in the southern area of the state you'll be a comfortable distance from Boston, far enough to not feel it's negative effects, close enough to travel to and enjoy (a really nice city, BTW). You will be surrounded by awesome get-a-ways spots in Vermont and Maine, too! Not mention both of those states aren't too bad to live in... I miss home! :(

New Hampshire does have a hefty property tax, but every other tax is pretty low or non-existent.

Wow, I could write a lot about this. I'll stop here and leave you with this: definitely check the area out.

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You might try Cedar Park, Texas. Booming economy, low taxes, low crime rate (our cops literally have nothing to do but shark around school zones), and it's a progressing city, so there's always cool architecture being put up that you can watch. Drawback: lots of religion (it's Texas, after all).

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the only man-made disaster you might have to worry about is the nuclear power plant in Seabrook, but nuclear power is very safe nowadays.

Thats for sure. Since A study found that in Europe alone, wind energy has killed more people than nuclear energy and, worldwide, hydroelectric energy has, too.

The leading cause of accidents involving wind energy farms is "blade failure," which is when a turbine blade breaks, sending shrapnel flying through the air. So stay away from those vicious windfarms and you should be alright. :D

Also, I lived in El Paso, Texas for the first 14 years of my life and traveled extensively throughout the state and surrounding states, so if you are more interested in Weston's suggestion, I can give you some more details on that state as well.

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