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  1. Machine guns are much more potent than semi-auto rifles -- the S.A.W. (squad automatic weapon or M-249) is the highest casualty-inducing weapon in a typical fire squad; it even beats out the M-203 grenade launcher. And though semi-auto mode is generally recommended in combat situations like those our military faces in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a legitimate reason for regulating fully automatic capabilities here in the states. One of the main reasons that semi is recommended in combat is because it is more controlled and efficient. The goal there is to achieve a high body count of bad
  2. I love this thread idea. Recently, I just amassed a 3.3 semester GPA at Texas A&M, while remaining in good standing with the Corps and making time to compete in the Ranger Challenge competition in Fort Knox this October. I was a team-lead on our Ranger Challenge team, meaning not that I led the entire team, but that I was assigned two new guys to teach them our tactics and the skills they would need at competition. We took fourth place out of twenty-something teams from ROTC units across the nation. This is especially meaningful to me because last year I was a newcomer to the team, and
  3. In that article, Biddle says this in defense of Paul Ryan: "But it is crucial to bear in mind that no politician today advocates genuine freedom, none understands the principle of rights, all support rights-violating policies, all embrace fundamentally false philosophies. This is the political reality of the day. And, in this reality, Paul Ryan is as good as it gets." This is already wrong. Gary Johnson, although an arguably inviable candidate, is a far better choice. He respects individual rights and knows that they don't come from a god or from the government. He argues against the Pat
  4. Nicky: are Paul's and Objectivist foreign policies really antithetical? Sure, they're not entirely congruent, and there are a number of issues on which they disagree (Iran being the most obvious one), but I shouldn't hardly say that they're complete and total opposites. Paul understands that America's traditional reluctance to become involved in foreign conflicts are justified by more than just good diplomacy; that they come from the idea that no American individual's resources should be spent for a militaristic cause that is not directly related to the protection of his own rights and safety.
  5. For those of you who opposed SOPA/PIPA and have enough free time or willpower to do anything about its inevtiable resurgence under some other name, http://nwlinux.com/what-politicians-received-money-to-support-sopa/ ^This is a list of politicians who received money from support groups to vote for SOPA. www.maddox.xmission.com ^This guy has compiled a list of large companies that supported SOPA/PIPA, which you can choose to boycott if you really want to help get the point across. They're color-coded by difficulty to boycott for your convenience (eg. MasterCard is red because it'd be nea
  6. In non-Detroit v Green Bay news, looks like Romo's on the upswing. With a walk in the park schedule remaining, no question they make the playoffs. I predict four more wins this year for the 'Boys: against Tampa Bay, Arizona, Miami, and at least one on either the Giants (who we play twice) or the Eagles.
  7. Promestheus, I'm aware of the Wikipedia article on the subject (it's the first place I looked for an explanation, being the lazy bastard I am), but my issue is accepting that (ix) works the same as (x) or any other real value when it comes to the Taylor series for e^__ Why should (ix) be treated as just another value when it's not? Warning: I have only taken math up through Calc II (multidimensional), so if the answer to this is obvious, I apologize in advance.
  8. We all know it's e dude, tenth grade math is not beyond most of the posters on this board. That being said, I'm still unsatisfied with the commonly accepted explanation for why e^(pi*i)=-1, care to comment?
  9. In spite of the several condemning tirades written in this thread, I am here to defend atonal, virtuosic, prog-rock/metal/jazz fusion bullshit music. Using two music groups as my examples, I will briefly outline three reasons why atonality and overcomplexity (difficulty of listening, as some would call it) kicks ass. In an effort at being well-defined in my argument, the kinds of music I'm talking about is this: (Behold... The Arctopus) (Spiral Architect) You can see that it's a nebulous genre. And here are my three reasons why it's also the best genre: 1)It doesn't fuck ar
  10. You'll be pleased to learn that my professor for Business 101 is named Shontarius Aikens. In response to the article, is this even allowed? "Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that he was with assistants and students at the Louvre in Paris when he got the message that he’d been found guilty of criminal tax evasion." Can a man be convicted of a crime in Norway without being present to defend himself? That seems a little messed up. Also, the guy sounds like a classic tinfoil weirdo, especially given this declaration: "He said in court that he thinks the tax evasion charges were a m
  11. I agree that Iran pursuing a nuclear program might one day lead to some cause for minor concern for U.S. safety. What Paul was arguing is that Iran's pursuit of a nuclear program is probably not done with the intention of using it to harm the U.S. He makes a good case - Iran is surrounded by a very nuclear-capable Israel (who is funded by the U.S. for no good reason; I understand that they're our allies, but you shouldn't have to spoon-feed a decent ally. They're really more like our adopted son who can't stop getting into fights at school.), China, Russia, North Korea and the U.S. Iran kno
  12. The part about the spiders moving in and "terrorizing the neighborhood" came off a bit... racially aware. The story is funny and very realistic otherwise though; I enjoyed it.
  13. He claimed not that Iran was justified, but rather that American military nosiness was the primary catalyst behind this whole cluster of nonsense in the first place, so it is reasonable to assume that even more American military nosiness will only lead to more of the same. He is right in thinking this. It was a failed mess the second it began; the only justice the entire endeavor ended up bringing was Bin Laden's battlefield execution, and that was at the cost of a decade of war and thousands of American lives. He's not a pacifist, he's just simply not an interventionist either. H
  14. SoftwareNerd, Nobody seems to want to give Perry even a sliver of good credit, but I maintain that his decision to cut from Texas' education budget to balance the state's deficit was a grand one. That said, I don't like the guy or his ridiculous stance on immigration, Iran, and selling public highways. Also, I agree that he has a grinning complex of sorts. I think that, from an Objectivist viewpoint, Gary Johnson is the best candidate for President, but (and I hate to have a loser's attitude about this) he just doesn't stand a chance. Ron Paul is on the same wavelength with Objecti
  15. A somewhat ironic one-liner in reference to Atlas Shrugged: Me (to a friend): "Have you read Atlas Shrugged? If you have not, you should." Friend: "I'll torrent it as soon as I get the chance." You can't write irony like that.
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