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  1. It is foolish to allow for full open borders and immigration.
  2. Plan your life intelligently and with smarts; invest, have money "on hand", get out of debt, have food storage and emergency supplies, learn basic survival skills, try to grow and make your business robust, establish support or mutual benefit networks with other business and friends, have a plan in case of any type of emergency, don't splurge with money and/or credit cards, enjoy life! - although America's future (as of now) looks bleak, man cannot stop living and loving his life to the best of his abilities. As Objectivists we are the standard barers of the heroic and the rational. We forge ahead and don't allow obstacles to cloud our way.
  3. America has forgotton the values upon which she was created; reason, freedom, individualism. Get ready for some rough seas ahead, folks.
  4. Unf. Volokh is inundated with liberals posting on all of his articles.
  5. I prefer to be outside or somewhere beautiful; art museum, zoo, garden, park, poolside, etc. Ayn Rand almost tried it once with NB. I think she would have enjoyed its euphoric, sensory, and esthetic effects. Who knows. There is a reason it is the most used illicit drug on planet Earth.
  6. All the senses are magnified. Quite a relaxing and beautiful experience. Time dilates, too. To me, it's like seeing the world as it "really" is, before our brains filter our perceptions.
  7. Not trying to justify anything, but I am a former card carrying Mormon and can tell you that most of the rituals and oaths in the video are no longer used. in fact havne't been since the late 80's early 90's.
  8. I suspect global warming is cyclical as well as due to El Nino and sunspots. Man may have a small % of complicity if any. Skeptics has become a left leaning pessimistic publication. I much prefer reading the Objective Standard.
  9. Why not allow marriage to be defined as "the union of a man (or woman) and anything else he so desires"?
  10. I am going to see John Carter (in 3-D!) tomorrow. Has anyone here had a chance to see it yet? I read all of the Barsoom pulp fiction serials when I was younger. Great stuff.
  11. Forced abortion is not a social freedom it is a gross violation of personal liberty. It is relevant to the thread because I am questioning Mr. Boydstuns sole reason for supporting the Democrat candidates; abortion. I don't see the merit in supporting a candidate strictly for on the abortion issue when there are many many other important factors to consider; ie property rights, taxation, drug laws, etc etc etc. The parallel being you can get (or forced) an abortion in China, but your other liberties are nearly non-existant, what's more Democrats are committed to statism. electing someone only because they a pro-abortion seems counter productive because 99% of those candidates are Democrats and democrats have repeatedly shredded our liberty and freedom again and again (I know I know; so have the GOP, but not nearly the veracity as Obama Pelosi and their ilk) I would not relinquish my full liberty just so abortion can be fully legal.
  12. Gary Johnson is the candidate with whom I agree with most politically, but I will vote for the GOP nominee in order to oust ObaMAO.
  13. Boydstun, Communist China is pro abortion and how is there freedom working out? The only time I would vote Democrat is if the opponent was a socialist or communist. I can't stand the GOP, but they will do more to cut taxes and protect business and property than any Dem ever will.
  14. Newt Gingrich will win South Carolina on Saturday. His end. by former AK Governor Sarah Palin is huge. Though I have qualms with both candidates I pick Newt over Romney. During the debate Romney only wanted to lower the tax rate down to 25% (the least of all the candidates!) and Newt was the second lowest (after Paul) down to 10%. Go NEWT.
  15. What do you consider to be the most beautiful song that is sung by a woman? Mine would be Jewel's "Angel Standing By"
  16. Don't count out Michelle Bachmann, I think she will surprise us all in Iowa and beyond. She is my second choice for President.
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