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Occupy Wall Street Protest Anthem

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Ninth Doctor

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The barbarians are at the gate, and they are using the old tried and true methods of disruption and agitation, saying that the police are using violence. Of course, this is what we get for having public education and bad philosophy in the first place -- it gives them a rationalization for everything they want to do to shut down the system.

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We can agree that this mixed economy sucks; however, these folk want to take this mixed economy further toward statism instead of the opposite direction. So, no... they are the problem that led us here. More precisely, their parents who were conceived at Woodstock brought us to this position with eactly the same creed that their kids are now repeating.

The Baby Boomers and Gen-X gave up trying to better the world by creating value, and decided to complain about it instead. "But such and such isn't made in America! It's the big evil corporation's fault!"

Then why do you shop at Wal-mart? Why do you buy crap?

While that is the only option for some people, most Boomers are at least middle class.

Outsourcing and globalization are the reason America and most of the civilized world exist in the first place. International trade is why America exists.

A lot of them are still Liberals. A lot of them believe that someone else should make decisions for them, and then they complain about the results.

Many of them still believe in their parent's "the company and the government should take care of me" mentality.

It amazes me how any rational adult beyond the age of 25 would consider Liberalism to be wonderful and Capitalism to be evil, but I was raised in such in an environment, and work towards overcoming their Liberal mistakes, as well as the fallout of my own irrational choices, or rational choices that did not pan out.

The big "evil" corporations have had a lot of growth ever since they figured out that they could sell the Boomers individuality in the form of products. This, in and of itself is not evil, but many of the still Liberal Baby Boomers complain about how evil everything which they themselves benefit from is.

Most of the OWS people are their descendants, although some of them are rich kids going through their hippie phase.

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I will say one thing, having known the children of business owners, professionals, and some business owners themselves, most of them care a great deal more about their children having success in life.

A lot of middle and working class people do not think that ensuring their children are successful young adults is their responsibility, and is up to some authority figure.

However, we do occasionally see the trust fund kid or heiress who is a total idiot, but this is far rarer than the media makes it out to be. After all, happy, not -screwed up rich people might encourage people to make something of themselves.

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The Baby Boomers and Gen-X gave up trying to better the world by creating value, and decided to complain about it instead. "But such and such isn't made in America! It's the big evil corporation's fault!"

Most data seems to point to your generational generalizations being incorrect. This new crop, the Millennials, are the ones spitting out most of the OWS whining and pro socialist ideologies. Gen Xers were the latchkey kids who were largely left at home alone when their mothers started working working, before daycares were the norm. The tend towards skepticism and away from political parties, skeptical of established government with a higher likelihood towards fiscal conservatism paired with social liberalism. Largely over represented as libertarians and bloggers.


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The intergenerational discord and blame, "The kids of today dont know anything about hard work or respect - etc etc" is as old as Humankind. The kids of today are no better or worse than my generation, as far as I can tell.

The OW gang does NOT represent any 99%, their approval ratings are somewhere around 21% and no one much likes them except a few marxist commentators.

This is a "movement" made up of a few leftist-collectivist agitators and a LOT of useful idiots who are easily led, including mush headed college kids, drug addicts, and urban outdoorsmen (the so called "homeless).

They are anti-achievement, anti-capitalist zeros. Who exemplify the vice of covetousness and envy - they want what others have earned, without having any of the virtues required to create the wealth that they covet.

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