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Internet Explorer 11 and quotations

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I recently upgraded to IE 11.0 and for some reason quoting posts no longer works for me even though I have made no changes to the security (or any other for that matter) settings of Internet Explorer.  Any ideas?


Oops I made a mistake in the Thread title... any way to edit that?

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Not sure what it could be. We did have some discussion about quotes when the forum-software had a major version upgrade a while ago. The forum-software site has a similar report. Invision had a similar issue with IE9 and IE10, which they say they have fixed; so, perhaps they have to do something again for IE11. It's the CKEditor that they use for WYSIWYG editing.

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Sorry about this. According to this thread, the folks who develop the software we use for the forum, say it is an issue with CKEditor, which is developed by someone else. However, the good news is that the CKEditor folk now say they're compatible with IE11, so the forum software will likely incorporate that into the next release.

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