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A "self-sufficient ego"

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I would like to expand on Rand's idea of a "self-sufficient ego" (mentioned in The Fountainhead):


An ego that is self-sufficient requires no external validation of its moral value -- the only authority it consults for such a validation is itself. Its self-esteem, i.e. its personal conviction of its own moral worth, is complete, and is maintained in every action. It is grasped with iron, confident and completely autonomous certainty. Moreover, that grasp is wholly justified, and follows from the facts of one's identity as evaluated by rational standards of value. (Note it is impossible for a man to be confident of one's own moral value if he subscribes to irrational ethical standards, in the same way as it is impossible for any man to be truly confident that two and two are five).


Do you agree with this formulation? Why, or why not?

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