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Quick opinion: :thumbsup::devil:

There will probably be spoilers below.

I saw Constantine today and went with the intentions of seeing a mediocre sci-fi/religious special effects extravaganza. I have to say that I was pretty surprised by how much they *don't* dumb down the movie. Several events take place in which the viewer just watches. The movie does not then take some lame opportunity to turn to the audience and say, "So you mean....". But it also doesn't leave information garishly hanging out for plot holes.

Also, I think Keanu has the "look serious, say as little as possible" thing down pat :P I think the effects were integrated fairly well and not too overused. As for the religious theme of the story, since it's just part of the "universe" of the plot, it doesn't much bother me. There wasn't much preaching going on, just exposition.

I also particularly liked the occasional spats of humor, ::SPOILER WARNING:: especially near the end when he very subtly flips off Lucifer. Overall, it was a fun action movie with a nice ending. I only hope they don't ruin it by making a sequel.

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No doubt there WILL be a sequel.

The movie was cool, subtle, nothing to squeel about though. You could drive a truck through some of the plot holes and many times it seemed like a lot of random stuff kept happening. It seems that a lot of the movie was made to satisfy the lovers of the comic.

I recommend a good viewing though.

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The movie was about what I expected. I enjoy dark thrillers and my fiance loves Catholicism imbued films so it worked out well for both of us. The director was smart in they had Keanu speak as little as possible. As long as the guy doesn't actually try to emote, he does a pretty good job. I think Gabriel could have been played with a bit more humor though I'd wager she's the comedy relief in the sequal.

Still, the funniest bit is getting cured of cancer by Satan so he could have another go at you is funny. Very much making the point that God and Satan had a bet that involved screwing around with humans. I was surprised at something odd; when Keanu put his hand on the girls stomack, it was huge. Keanu has some freakishly large hands. It's not just that Rachael Weiz (SP?) is small, of that we are sure, but his reach was from one side of her to another.

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I saw the movie and more or less enjoyed it, but it left me with one nagging question: Why would anyone want to GO to heaven? Actually, strike that, no one did! It was like a booby prize; you wanted to AVOID Hell, or stay alive, Heaven was largely unimportant.

Then again, Catholicism is obsessed with evil and suffering, too, so it makes perfect sense.

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I thought the movie made very little sense, they just did things without reason. I will say the heroine was a hotty though. :(

Well, you can't expect exorcisms to make much sense, can you? :P

But, I must say that after the drought that's been going on for months (drought as in there's been no movies I find worth watching for a long time), I got kind of "thirsty" of seing one and this was an OK movie to be seen. My cousin said that the movie was twice as good as Passion... he seemed preoccupied by it afterwards and when I said that the ideas presented in the movie will now work its way through his mind and turn him into a saint, his girlfriend kind of panicked. :D

Oh, well. Anyway, I have to say that this was the best exorcism movie I have ever seen. So interpret this as you please.

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