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Debate #1 Review

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From what perspective? Meaning: what question would one be answering?

Since I've followed the campaigns to some extent, to me the debates were not going to answer questions like: "What type of president will Trump/Hillary be?" or, "Whom should I vote for?"

With that context, my "analysis" is that it was probably a bit better for Hillary. In general, it unfolded pretty much as was expected in that Trump tried not to be overly aggressive, and Hillary tried to be wonky while getting under Trump's skin, and Trump reacted. This election is mostly about "unfavorables": which candidate is more disliked. By getting Trump to react to her needling, while coming across as a boring old political bureaucrat herself, Hillary catalyzed Trump-unfavorablity more than he did toward her. 

I assume he'll tell his handlers that he has to take more of a risk next time, and not try to appear overly presidential: after all, if it is about unfavorable ratings rather than favorable, better to paint her as evil than try to appear good. If so, we'll hear much more about email, Benghazi and the Clinton foundation. So, I reckon the election is still a close call.

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Two points:

1. There's a lot of statistical research suggesting that the debates are irrelevant, they don't have any impact on the outcome of the election.

2. The debates are also irrelevant as far as the substance of the two campaigns...it's pretty obvious, at this point, that both candidates are liars, and will say whatever they think gives them the best chance to win.

So I didn't watch the debate...because I can't imagine what possible insight I could gain from it. I'm sure it was a depressing spectacle.

I will urge you to vote for Clinton though, if you live in the US. She is the conservative (the person most likely to preserve the relative prosperity of the US, by continuing the policies of the past 100 years) in this race. Trump's populism and unpredictability is fraught with danger.

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