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Poem: There Is No Greater Love

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A man from deserts afar
wrote this as he gazed to the stars:
"There is no greater love
than that which comes from god above.
Pray the Lord your soul to keep
do not thine understanding seek."
A boy from Georgia read that book
but never took a deeper look.
If God's love was real inside this boy,
Then why did it seem to steal his joy?
He could not feel this god above.
He did not know the truth of love.
Was lost as those around him said,
"You'll find your heaven in the end."
For years he searched, blind and sad.
Was love in this world not to be had?

A woman from tundra afar
wrote this as she gazed to the stars:
"There is no greater love
than what a man for himself does.
Pull pride and reason off the shelf
and let your guidance be yourself."
The lost boy, then a man become
Knew that his search was now done.
He felt the love inside his soul;
for his own sake, he was made whole.
For the first time since his birth,
he could have heaven here on earth.
No waiting on a realm unseen,
when this world can fulfill man's dreams.
There is no greater love than this:
to live life here in selfish bliss.

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