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Identifying subject and theme for video

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I’ve had an itch to make content pertinent to me. Perhaps no one will care, but I’m still going to do it.

I want to start by making a video about my unique form of exercise. In my own opinion, I have a high level of knowledge on this subject that is quite superior to what 99% of successful fitness influencers preach, although it’s difficult to convince anyone of this. The exercise philosophy I subscribe to is like Objectivism in that it is a heterodoxical truth (there is a nexus of leading trainers/influencers in this genre who are in fact Objectivists).

Although none are very popular, Influencers in this genre of exercise have already made videos, and each excels at certain things. One is a master of the biology of exercise, one specializes in crunching studies in exercise physiology, another excels at practical exercise instruction. I’m trying to identify aspects of exercise that I excel at, that will be original. 

The only thing that I can do right now that I’m sure is reasonably original is explain my own intellectual journey and my own use of this form of exercise. In particular, I use this method to overcome a serious physical problem that would cut me off from strength training done any other way, hence allowing me to avoid the ravages of sarcopenia. This would be relevant to many people in a similar boat who have joint and spine problems, although I still assert that this is the best method of training even for healthy people.

So I made a video that is kind of a subconscious brain dump of things I have to say on the subject. This is a very rough draft and it sucks, but it was my first attempt.

To be sure, I rehearsed this—I don’t have the ability to talk for six minutes straight off the top of my head. 

in this video, I explained my background with exercise, my condition, and how this method of training allows me to continue training when I wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I briefly explain the overarching philosophy of exercise, then the particulars of this specific technique. Then I explain my routine and demonstrate how I apply it to myself in the context of my debilities and limitations. In closing, I anticipate objections from “haters,” flip off the camera, and declare myself  one of the world’s leading intellectuals in the field of exercise.

I can easily see that a lot of stylistic improvements (tonality, emotive speech, body language) are needed, and I will remove the tacky cursing and flipping off the audience at the end. These are easy fixes.

The harder part is deciding a final script or outline. I consulted “The Art of Nonfiction” for guidance, and it occurred to me that I don’t know how to identify my subject and theme These could be:

  • Me—I’m primarily making a video about myself.
  • Exercise in general
  • This particular form of exercise
  • How I use this particular form of exercise to train through a serious physical problem.

According to TAONF, the subject is what your article is about, and your theme is what you want to say about it. Rand recommends explicating exactly why you are writing to help clarify these issues. 

I never explicated why I made this, so I’m trying to do so now. 

I have a constellation of health-related interests, of which exercise is a crucial component. I have some original insights on these subjects, and I want to put them into the form of tangible content before someone else does. 

This video is only original in the sense that it shows how a person with a serious joint disease applies resistance training to good effect. I talk to people in online groups for people with joint and back pain who want to know how to exercise with their condition, and a nicely revised version of this video could be of value to them.

But I think on a subconscious level, I intended for this video to be an introduction that could serve several useful purposes as part of an overall platform. It seems I’m trying to showcase myself and my knowledge, even realizing that few people will care. I’m doing so in this video by explaining the basics of why and how I train this way.

At the time I made this video, on a subconscious level, I envisioned myself posting other videos that I’ve had ideas for, where I attack the ideas of other fitness influencers whom I see as frauds. Then people click on my channel and see this: a guy who is disabled and has an unremarkable physique and all of 22 followers is claiming to know a lot more than fitness influencers and professional athletes with millions of followers. Most people laugh or block me, but one person in 100 sees the logic of it and follows me.

So is my subject really exercise, or is it actually ME? And if it’s me, is this aim legitimate, or am I in danger of becoming a pretentious second-hander whose aim is clicks, likes, and follows rather than originality and legitimacy? 

Thanks for any insights!


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1 minute ago, tadmjones said:

It can be both, just feed the wolf that pertains to the latter.

The idea of producing the video because you wanted to is a selfish act ,good for you.

Do you study kinesiology?

My study of kinesiology is 20 years behind me, but I remember a lot! these days I’m still exposed to a lot of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, but in a medical rather than exercise context (there is a lot of overlap which is why my exercise background allows me to understand medical stuff better than most laypeople).


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