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Breast Cancer Breakthrough

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"A drug that targets only diseased cells has proved astonishingly effective against an aggressive form of early breast cancer — a long-sought breakthrough that has doctors talking about curing thousands of women each year in this country alone."

Well done, doctors. I hope you and the companies who pay you and market this product make a boatload of money.

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This is great news. I wonder if this will lead to a new class of drugs to fight various types of cancers. In other words, I wonder if this drug took a new approach.

My grandfather is actually being treated for lymphoma at the moment with some new type of treatment: monoclonal antibodies. It's some group of antibodies produced in mouse cells - or some other animal cells - that attacks only the cancer cells, and thus avoids all the nasty side effects of chemo and radiation!

Lots of cool stuff going on out there.

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