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Band needs help from a computer code geek

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Hi peoples! My friend and I recently started overhauling the look of our band's MySpace page. Neither one of us knew anything about html, css, etc., so we spent hours upon hours researching the various codes to make adjustments on MySpace. When all was said and done, we had a cool new look for our page. Unfortunately, that cool new look only works 100% on Safari. There are glitches on Firefox and IE. Neither one of us has Netscape so there might be problems there as well.

The major one on Firefox is that our contact table isn't showing up. We used code to hide the one they have and then put our own in as a background image. This doesn't show up on Firefox, though the links are still there.

We're working on fixing this but we are novices and are struggling thus far. If anyone has any good suggestions, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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