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    Denver, CO
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    Current Events, Politics, Animals/Pets, Camping, Scrapbooking and Photography

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    Kelly Valenzuela
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    I only learned of Ayn Rand and Objectivism a few months before joining this forum. Atlas Shrugged did indeed change my life as many said it could. So much so, that I decided the only thing standing in the way of my happiness, was my marriage, so I divorced my husband of nearly 10 years. Nothing (and no one) will ever stand in the way of my personal happiness ever again. Although I dropped out of college, I love to educate myself and I'm eager to learn more about many things, including Objectivism.
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    Texas State University, San Marcos
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    Financial Planning Assistant
  1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for the friend add!

  2. hey beautiful lady, hope you're living 'la vie en rose' ;)

  3. I do not like the new Cow-vatar. Change it back to the stars and stripes. Your public demands it!

  4. I tried giving you more stars in your rating, but it would only let me give you five...well below the number you deserve...well below the number you've earned... Enjoy your spring, Kell