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Any Books or Movies With A *Main Character* Similar to Francisco?

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For some reason I like Francisco D'Anconia.  Are there any books or movies with a main character similar to Francisco D'anconia?  It could even be a biography.  I think of Francisco as a Super Intelligent, rational and charming guy.

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Two of Rand's inspirations for the character were The Scarlet Pimpernel (novel and movie with Leslie Howard) and the Fairbanks Mark of Zorro. In all three cases, a man passes himself off as a frivolous lightweight while up to a much more serious enterprise.

As for Bond, have you tried the novels?

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I can't think of any that have the unbreakable conviction of a Rand hero, because 99.9% of modern writers think that writing characters who aren't at least a little bit hesitant in their beliefs makes you a bad writer, but, other than that, the formula is pretty common.

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man is an obvious one. A less obvious one is Tyrion Lannister, in Game of Thrones. Sure, he's a dwarf, but he's charming, intelligent, and has that same public/private life duality (if I wanted to be fancy and pretend I know something about Greek mythology, I would say that he's a charming, more scrupulous version of the Hermes archetype).

Also similar, but with a comedy angle added in, is Harrison Ford in pretty much every movie he's in (including Star Wars and Indiana Jones). He just plays the same character over and over again. I haven't actually seen the Johnny Depp pirate movies, but, judging from the trailers, that too. Captain Kirk in (the original) Star Trek movies is pretty much Han Solo, as well.

[edit] Oh yeah, Batman's pretends to be alcoholic playboy to hide his true identity, too, right? I'm sure there are others as well, but I stopped watching these movies.

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