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  1. I disagree to that. "Older" Objectivists are mostly professionals that have no time to keep up with any forum. You have to identify the age range of your "older" Objectivists.
  2. Here are some rare Asian jewels that you guys need to discover or need to include in your list: From Korea: Sung Hi Lee From Japan: Yuko Ogura, Kyoko Fukada, Yukie Nakama and Erika Sawajiri From China: Ziyi Zhang My husband prefers Asian women, particularly Japanese women. He said that Asian women are extremely feminine because of their well emphasized petite features. I agree to that. That is why he is married to one.
  3. I sure do hope that by the time I have enough money, I would want Han Wu Shen to draw a portrait of myself. I like his paintings.
  4. I do hope so. As long as the bromides are still in the intellectual arena. I will not be surprised with these type of people - the purposeless ones.
  5. It has been years since I have heard plans or progress in producing an Atlas Shrugged movie. I think the problem is the script for the movie. For the script writing will be the most difficult task. I do not want to undercut the movie for almost all of the chapters in the book are extremely crucial. I would like to suggest a trilogy for Atlas Shrugged the movie. The subtitles will be: 1. Non-Contradiction 2. Either-Or 3. A is A As you have noticed, these are the major parts of the book. What do you think?
  6. By humoring a remarkable Intellectual Institute? To quote Ayn Rand: "Humor is a destructive element but its value and its morality depend on what it is that you are laughing at. To laugh at that which is good, at heroes, at values, and above all at yourself is monstrous... The worst evil you can do, psychologically, is to laugh at yourself. That means spitting in your own face."
  7. When I was young, my father was the only one who inspired me to go to America. Not my relatives who are already here because I rarely saw and talked to them. My father is pro-capitalist. I remember from my childhood how he keep instilling in me to excel in my studies to be able to go to America (for Immigration purposes). He explained to me the great standard of living here in America as to the lousy standard of living in the Philippines. He gave me a purpose to go here - which is to have a better life. Unfortunately, he is a mystic... like everyone else in that country.
  8. How about - I am a narcissistic Objectivist who always feels good when she sees her reflection in the mirror as a breathtaking young lady?
  9. Please define freedom of expression.
  10. But what if the guy does not like her? In the first place, a bar is not a great meeting place - if you are searching for a quality alter ego. And why would you use tests such as "eye contacting" when you can approach your prospect right away and start a conversation to get to know him/her? "Tests" are just a waste of time. Be direct... be straightforward.. do not play mind/hint games.
  11. I don't. And the reason is free will .
  12. Are you referring to 'women' in general? or all women? I never test my husband's weakness (for I know he does not have any). I think you should classify your 'women' as to being an irrational or rational one. Hint: Reasoning is impossible with irrational women.
  13. I do not believe in ghosts. There is no valid evidence of it, as far as I know. As to arguing with one’s beliefs, there are people that you can argue with.... and there are those that you cannot. It is not your moral responsibility to correct the beliefs of your family neither someone else's. Never jeopardize the truth in fear of hurting someone else’s feelings especially your family. I typically ask them… ‘Is there evidence in the existence of ghosts? Prove it. If none, therefore they do not exist.’
  14. Greetings! I am very busy and I rarely log in. But whenever I do, I always spend hours reading threads. The first Ayn Rand book I read was Anthem, when I was in college. I grew up in a very collectivist and mystic society - the Philippines. I have no "Objectivist" influences in the Philippines. I personally shut myself from the environment I lived in before I move in United States last October 2001. When I was young, I created a perfect world in my mind - the Atlantis in Atlas Shrugged - where I am free to think and be an Objectivist. I have always lived most of the Objectivists’ virtues before I even discovered Objectivism. That is why I am tolerant to ‘potential’ Objectivists. I may be one of the first Filipina who abandoned the horrible mysticism that is predominant in the Philippines. I am proud of it. The first Objectivist I met was my husband, whom I met in United States. I came to America because of money. I am currently taking a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting at Portland State University. I already have a Business Management Degree and I am narrowing my field into Accounting, to focus more on managing the financial resources of a private firm. It is interesting to be in a forum to pick minds with. I am grateful to the founder of this forum. More power to the “Prime Movers”!
  15. Another funny thing is.. I remember I saw this futuristic cop movie Demolition Man. Wherein a character in the movie mentioned that their current president(which suppose to be in the future) is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I might vote for him if he runs for the presidency.
  16. Lu Norton


    Yes, all roads will be privately owned. No, I think our legal system will come-up with a payment schedule plan for every commuter who will use a privately owned road. In the Philippines, where I grew up, every city has various private subdivisions. Each subdivision has their own guard posts to guard entries in each subdivision. Homeowners need to have a car sticker to identify their residence within the subdivision. If you are a guest, the guard usually calls the homeowner, whom you are visiting within their subdivision, for security reasons. Some subdivisions demand a minimal fee. Some subdivisions just check your license and purpose in entering in their subdivision.
  17. On top of my head.... the best movie I have ever seen was Inherit the Wind. This movie was not mentioned in this thread yet. It is worth seeing. I have not seen the earlier version but the recent version was good though. It is about the Monkey Trial.. an individual man against a mystic society who is in trial about teaching Charles Darwin theory in a classroom as oppose to the prevailing Creationist belief in the town he lives in. Great story! Go check it out.
  18. It will be more fulfilling if I will see the space with my own eyes and physically experience the travel.
  19. If someone discovered the cure for aging , I wonder.. what would an Objectivist do if he/she chose to live a longer/immortal life? These are the top three in my list : a. Be an archaeologist b. Be a professional violin player c. Go to the moon and explore space
  20. My result: 1. Ayn Rand (100%) 2. Nietzsche (93%) 3. Aristotle (91%) 4. David Hume (83%) 5. Jean-Paul Sartre (80%) 6. Aquinas (80%) 7. Plato (78%) 8. Thomas Hobbes (75%) 9. St. Augustine (67%) 10. Spinoza (66%) 11. Stoics (66%) 12. Cynics (62%) 13. Jeremy Bentham (58%) 14. Epicureans (55%) 15. John Stuart Mill (53%) 16. Kant (37%) 17. Ockham (32%) 18. Prescriptivism (31%) 19. Nel Noddings (22%) I have noticed the pattern too.... Ayn Rand as 100% and Nel Noddings at the least bottom.
  21. All Ayn Rand's fiction and non-fiction books Leonard Peikoff's nonfiction books (The Ominous Parallels & Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand) Victor Hugo's - The Man Who Laughs & Les Miserables Edmond Rostand - Cyrano de Bergerac (which has not mentioned in this thread yet)
  22. That is a great examplary of a rational "family values". Unfortunately, most irrational families use those terms in a collective way. Such as using traditions as their ammunition against their children. I grew up in a very irrational, religious family... and my parents define "family values" as one that is based on their horrifying traditions. Therefore, "family values" relies on the actual life's values of rational or irrational individuals.
  23. Are you interested in watching just newly released movies? May I suggest some old movies which might interest you? Try October Sky, it is a true story about a kid who designed mini sky rockets and eventually worked at NASA. A good value extracted from that movie is aiming high in goals of your life. Another good one is Inherit the Wind; it is also a true story about the Monkey Trial and a very good movie about religion. I suggest you get the later version of the Inherit the Wind movie, I have not seen the earlier version though but you might get annoyed by the cinematography of the earlier version. Unfortunately, most of the good movies are true story. Therefore, there are not much movie writers that has a good sense of life. As you've noticed, most fiction smovies are horrifying, altruistic, and anti-life. They depict their movies as what life 'is' (for a mediocre person) and not what life 'should' be.
  24. I am Lu. My Yahoo ID is: beyond_mediocrity.
  25. It will be very difficult to come-up with questions to find an Objectivist. The best thing to do is...you have to stretch your criteria a bit. An individual does not necessarily have to be an Objectivist or has read Ayn Rand's books, a potential Objectivist could be a good prospect too. How to spot one will be a difficult task. Some individuals will disagree with you at first or on your succeeding arguments but later on will correct their mistakes. The best ones are the ones who had lived up their life as an Objectivist but they are not aware of such philosophy. Each individual needs a mind ally. There will be very rare instances that you will find someone with exactly the same ideas as yours. The most important is… as long as you move on with your relationship… both of you should keep an active mind as to what issues that both of you might agree or disagree with.
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