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  1. Indeed, there is. I'm sorry you recieve that sort of treatment.
  2. Thanks...I liked it too I hadn't thought about that line and it's implications. It's possibly linked to the point in time where I was still struggling with agnosticism and looking at the people around me. That would be a good change to make, though. Thank you!
  3. Written in Stone Shane Stylianos 2005 We live our lives in chains As we look to the stars To define our destiny As we wonder who we are But, the secrets of my journey Are for me and me alone And all our lives we wonder Are they written in stone? (Chorus) And what would we do If the hammer came down And all our words of stone Were shattered on the ground Could we pick up and walk away? Could we live for our own? Would it really matter if it’s Written in stone? Time will pass us by No matter how time’s passed The choices that we make Will lead us to our last The decisions of my journey Are made for me and me alone Because where we go from here Isn’t written in stone (Chorus) I swing the hammer *If this post is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.
  4. I would otherwise agree...(I think she's gorgeous), but she is an otherwise bad actor. And certainly not for that movie.
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    I'm pretty sure there is a 30 page, or so, thread dedicated ENTIRELY to this. It would probably be worth looking up.
  6. True. I haven't figured out why ANYONE could like anything he does...but, then, I never cared that much to begin with. Out of curiousity, does my petty thief example work? Or were you merely trying to provide an emphasis to the "what's enough?" question? I'm a bit lost on the "anti-concept" concept ( ) so I'm going to go back and read up on that some more...
  7. David, I have a question for you on this. (despite my utter hatred for Michael Moore) How does Moore not deserve his money? Did he not create a product that others found of value and were willing to buy? (Or is it merely because his product is immoral to begin with?) Thanks for a clarification! I still like my view of the petty thief as greedy, but I may just be silly.
  8. Styles2112


    I lean towards the enhancement of the beautiful human body. But, like any art, it can be good, or it can be VERY BAD. It is dependant on the artist, and on the judgement of those getting them. I'd love to get a tattoo someday. Something simple, nice and reflecting of my values. I never understood why some people have gotten their ENTIRE bodies covered in them (though, it's their choice), but I love see some people with the neatest back tattoos that are just a painting. And sometimes, a small one can bring out other natural features in a person, just like wearing certain clothes.
  9. I also think that Alexis Bledel is quite beautiful. I saw her in an interview once and she came across as extremely intelligent (almost surprisingly so) and very well spoken. Not to mention those gorgeous and intense eyes. She might very well be the perfect woman. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0088127/
  10. Hmmm. I think Greed exists and I think it is an evil as well. Much like those before me stated, I think it's a want, or forcing, of the unearned. I always hated when people talk about those who are "ambitious" as if it were horrible. But I always had separated the two. To me, those who are ambitious are those who work hard and productive for their way to the top (in pretty much any work environment). Greed is for those who short-cut and step on people's throats on the way up (unethically). I'm not phrasing it well, but I hope you guys understand what I'm getting at. i.e. a thief is greedy, initiating force for the unearned (I'm talking about those stealing tv's and such, not food for survival, but even they might fall in that catagory). i.e. a person who steals a co-workers work and ideas to get promotions in a company is greedy.
  11. Isn't this, kind of, already done by Ms. Rand herself? Didn't she break down her philosophy into the three sections (it's been a while since I've read VOS) - Reason, Realiy, rights? Aren't there three subsections of each one? I don't have the book with me, but it would seem that would be a good starting place. I remember it's in the first chapter/essay of VOS.
  12. Since you've made the statement here, I'd like to take the time to ask. What proof do you have that this is what's happening over any other alternative? Or are we just barking (hahahahahahaha) at a tree with no true proof for either side? You seem to think (based on this statement) that there is a process of elimination (what I might call a negative reaction), as opposed to recognition (what I'd call a positive reaction). What brings you to this conclusion over any other conclusion?
  13. I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at here. Are saying (an example) that if I see a human lacking arms that I will recognise it as a human (despite being "different" from the form of a normal human) and an animal will not? I'm not sure I understand what the Abstracts are in this case. An animal can tell the difference between a Human and (say) a lion. They can also tell the difference between individual humans. My dog knows my hand as well as knowing my whole "picture." He understands that the hand belongs to me. What am I missing here? Again, how is this different from a database? Our eyes (and their eyes) all take pictures (which is a good analogy by the way). I would think that the only difference might be the how many we take versus them, and our processor speed. I don't think that that takes away from their ability to, on a basic level (through their nature) conceptualize. Again, I'm not going to argue that we CLEARLY have better conceptualizing abilities, but our brains are larger and have evolved FOR that function. All databases are still built upon the files we put in them. I don't see a difference there between us and them (other than database size and speed.) Again, what am I missing here?
  14. Your cat is putting her smell/mark on those items people. She is, essentially, claiming them as hers. However, MY cat comes out for me, my parents, and a select handful of other friends, but will not come out for new people or people she doesn't like. She knows we're all humans (based on similar smell, shape, auditory tones), but selects us differently (i.e. She prefers to be around my wife more than me). You can't apply the actions of your cat to all cats. Each animal has an individual nature. Your cat is probably very friendly towards EVERYTHING, just like some people. My cat is a bit more apprehensive of things, just like certain people. Out of curiousity, to the person who stated it, how is identifying between objects NOT a concept? And what is the difference between humans learning from conditioned responses (which we all do) and animals learning from conditioned responses?
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    To bring this back to Comicbook Superheroes....how would the Punisher fit into this mold?..all he is is a vigilante, taking down those "above" the law. Maybe this is where Knight Rider comes into play.
  16. Flow - There are a lot of online resources out there as well. Some are free like - http://www.teoria.com/ and some are not. But, you can aquire some extra college credits by using programs like Berklee's online program (maybe a specialist certificate or professional) which can help you get into a better college from the get-go.
  17. Okay... be honest....Specialist P___ was you, wasn't he?
  18. Christopher, This might muddy the water a bit, but I'd like to bring up a couple things. (Now, it's been a few years since I've really been in theory, so my memory might be faulty). When we're dealing with the Major and Minor scales the two notes we're really focusing on are the third (in the major - two whole steps up from the root, in the minor - 1.5 whole steps up from the root) and the seventh (Major - a half step below the root, minor - whole step below). I was taught in class, that it's that nice little half step to the Octave that gives you that happy feel (resolution). Which is why we start getting fuzzy when we deal with the Harmonic and melodic minor. For reference (since I didn't see it before) Major Scale - C-D-E-F-G-A-B Natural Minor- A-B-C-D-E-F-G Harmonic Minor (raised seventh to emulate a Major ending) - A-B-C-D-E-F-G# Melodic Minor (Raised sixth AND seventh for a full Major ending, though play Natural minor when descending) A-B-C-D-E-F#-G# Some of these "confuse" the cadence by making the IV (Melodic) and V(Harmonic and Melodic) chord MAJOR within a minor scale (which they aren't in the Natural scale). This affects the motion that a melody would have (going minor to major, instead of minor to minor), and certainly the emotional drop (i.e. a larger "emotional" drop from Major to minor, in the resolution, than a minor to minor). Do we simply percieve these as modes?
  19. Almost makes you long for those primitive days of loin clothes and clubs, eh?
  20. I have a question, then, relating to this idea. Let's take a situation like our current one. What happens when there are not enough troops to sustain a war? Certainly now, we are not getting enough new recruits and the older folks are retiring ASAP (Heck, I'll probably be doing the same!). Wars cannot be fought purely by bombs, and you cannot occupy without a large enough force (as we're currently learning). Near as I can tell, Objectivists are AGAINST the draft, but what do you do if you're forces are not nearly enough? I worry sometimes, down the road, what's going to happen, if we keep dropping our recruiting numbers.
  21. Danny Divito? Hmm.... OH!!! Sorry! I like the idea of Christian Bale as Galt. Although...I could actually picture Danny Divito as one of the looters...He can make a great bad guy....
  22. ....This is hard to explain....erg.. (my fault...not yours) Musique Concrete, or electronic music (which I should have said in the first place over computer), is the stuff I was referring to. The mp3 stuff is not. This is probably a better description of what I'm getting at.
  23. Hmmm...It's funny...Us trying to get to the same place from different angles. Good conversation, though. As far as the "Computer (or electronic) Music" aspect, I'll try and dig up a better example/definition for you. I had a couple semesters in it in college, but I'm sure how it was taught to me, is not how you'd look at it. This may be the best info I have for you - computer Music and Electronic Music At the bottom of the page there is a link to mp3's of some of the first computer music (which, near as I can tell, is just midi files. Which is something different than what I'm talking about. ) It's all interesting stuff (both articles). Musique Concrete is one of the terms I was looking for. As far as a guitar? I think that just falls under electronic and not computer. But, I suppose that could be debated on how technical you want to get. Take read (and listen) to some of that stuff and tell me what you think.
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