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  1. Warning! Spoilers abound! I can't remember the last time I was in a film that kept you at a sprinting pace for two hours. Star Trek was a great science fiction show, and the beginnings of a new series (more likely a trilogy) of movies. There is so much right with this film that I can completely ignore anything that is wrong with it. A lot of other reviews will talk about how the engineering set looks cheap, or how there was gratuitous use of lens flare, or how Chekov's accent might be too strong. The great thing about this movie, is that none of that matters, and none of that detracts f
  2. Don't be so quick to believe that, a lot of that sort of news gets started in the same rumor mills that try to peddle the idea that Obama's birth certificate is actually from Kenya. Little Green Footballs on this, (not exactly a liberal site...)
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/08/opinion/...amp;ref=opinion Ahhh... no small government conservatives any more! As they say, straight from the horses mouth!
  4. The guy is truly a Paleo-Conservative. Not a Libertarian, and certainly not an Objectivist. Hence, his followers are also nuts: http://wonkette.com/348081/internal-paulta...aut-endorsement
  5. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/12/national...amp;oref=slogin This is no different then if we were subtly discourage people from a working environment because they are not communist enough. What that sort of ridiculousness can be legally tolerated in an university (if it is a private institution) the idea that our government pays lip service to this sort of weakening of our defense, I feel, is representative of the kinds of dangers that come with letting evangelicals get leadership roles.
  6. The fact that there is even discussion about changing the constitution to define marriage. The establishment of "faith based initiatives". More importantly, there is the informal level of power which has been given to the religious right which manifests itself in destructive ways. For example, the Defense Department's contract with Blackwater did not come because Backwater proved they would be best for the job in Iraq, but because their CEO is an evangelical and that was good enough for them. It has also meant that our Air Force academy is full of evangelical preachers who are trying to associ
  7. I have always felt that in an un-ideal situation where you have to chose between either living under economic constraints (Socialism, Keynsianism, Communism, etc.) or social constraints (Theocracy) that living with the economic constraints would be better. Living with high taxes is bad, but at least it might be possible to find loopholes in the system and unless its gone so far gone that it is collapsing, for a while I could at least live and at least what I do beyond my paycheck is not being regulated Under a Christian theocracy, or a government friendly to Christianity, my private lif
  8. How can this not be a philosophical issue? It would seem that this is a dramatization of many of the conflicts present in Atlas Shrugged (members of society wishing to illegitimately profit from the creative and productive energies of others). I would normally expect Objectivists to blog in support of those ideas. So I am curious if the reason that they don't is because of how this is being done by a union, or if there is some other reason that prevents them from rushing to the defense of the writers as productive and creative members of the industry.
  9. I am a bit surprised that no one in the Objectivists blogosphere seems to have provided any commentary on the current strike being undertaken by the Writers Guild of America (I make this statement based on the meta blog on this forum's frontpage) I am also surprised that no ARI editorial or letter to the editor has been posted yet explaining their view. There is only one article on Capmag.com which even approaches the issue (which itself has a disclaimer explaining that this is an older article from 2001). It argues that the issue is not the terms of the strikers, but government protection
  10. While I support what it would mean for Blackwater to be contracted to do work for the government in theory, in practice, I am not sure that the experiment has been a good one. For a start, the CEO of Blackwater is a fundamentalist Christian who has given a lot of a money to Republican candidates to advance their socially conservative agenda. As I understand it, in return for his loyalty to the cause, Blackwater won many no-bid contracts. In a perfect world, I would expect the contracts to at least require different companies to prove their capabilities, the same way in which Airbus and Boei
  11. Gene Roddenbury was less of a Communist and more of a atheist humanist. So while his vision of the future downplays property and currency, he certainly does not take the Communist rhetoric to back up his ideas. I would agree with the sentiment that while in general very good, TNG did get occasionally too politically correct and technobabble filled. The characters were also more boring and it was after Gene died that all of a sudden the characters were actually allowed to be interesting as opposed to boy scouts. Hmmm.... I would think that Objectivists would be much more averse to B5. (
  12. It is interesting that while the "ideal" world would see economic freedom coupled with social freedom and limited government, that it seems that businesses these days are alright with being politically and socially oppressed as long as they get greater economic freedom. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6573527.stm
  13. Although I have not seen the show, as far as I can tell, only one episode in the series is explicitly focused on Global Warming.
  14. Interestingly , the last one in that list (the deformed one) is actually of a real artist who was born without arms.
  15. From my (limited) understanding, he was perfectly content with his life and that his body has a response to the alcochol which created a positive feedback loop. That he was always "thirsty" for something to drink even when he was perfectly fine. He has stayed sober due to AA meetings.
  16. As someone who knows a recovering alcocholic quite personally, I find the above statement incorrect. While it may be true in the case of some, this I don't feel that that alone accounts for why all people become alcholics. Many people who are productive and have real goals become alcocholics.
  17. Chicago is called "The City That Works" for good reason. Because while there is corruption, the up sides have been great. With Millenium Park alone, business has been booming in the loop with people moving in for the first time in ages. And the current Daley is the lesser evil compared to his father anyway.
  18. Didn't Mayor Daley veto this law? This why I love Chicago, the Daley's know how to run the city and keep it from making decisions like this.
  19. I few points: This is a very grand and incorrect generalization we are making here for an entire decade. The 50's also included Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series which is nothing like the novels you describe. I am not familier with those works but they sound like they are more or less inspired by Buck Rodgers type sci-fi. You forgot robots. And even then, there is some science fiction that does not utilize any of these things. For now. I think this is something very different from talking about unicorns. I think that a key idea is that unlike fantasy, science
  20. If we were talking about any society except Sparta, I would agree. I worry that Sparta as portrayed in the movie would probably treat Ephialtes with an unjust plebian status/lower class status if he had survived. The fact that ephialtes is expected to become a warrior in the first place is a major problem and there is no way he can be expected to meet that irratioanl requirement of the society anyway.
  21. If you can come up with some acceptable Spartan career paths for someone who avoided the customary infanticide I would sure be interested in hearing them. As far as I can tell, there is no choice except "military service."
  22. He could not have earned this priviledge because he skipped the customary infanticide. Spartan society requires that all men are in the military for some time and in some capacity, yet this one clearly would not have been allowed in. His only crime was not being killed. It would be like this, imagine that all the Gay US Army Arabic translators we have fired decided to go work for another country because they were promised that they would not be removed for trivial reasons (ideally a country that is not our enemy, like the UK). Such action may techincally be "treasonous" but it would be hard
  23. The movie is very entertaining but at times a bit silly. I have no issue with the film being historically inaccurate, I do have issues with the Spartans in the movie claiming to be defenders of Reason and Freedom when they clearly don't follow it in their own film. Ephialtes is a good example of this. By the standards of Spartan life he should not be alive, yet he is. And in the time in which he has been alive he has been working damn hard to make something useful of himself. He proves his willingness to defend a civilization which would want him dead and warns the Spartans about a path tha
  24. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/6446183.stm
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