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  1. I'm in the Philly area (live in Valley Forge, work in Philly) but I haven't heard of any meet ups. I will do some research and see what I come by. We could create our own group if we want also
  2. I was going to say a dollar sign, but looks like you guys got it covered
  3. Oh dear.. I may have to change professions if this thing passes.
  4. Of course it is ok to suggest readings! It's not ok to push or force someone to read Rands books and pursue O'ism, but if with some suggestion from you she continues to pursue it on her own, then you're in business! I was first introduced to Rand through someone I dated, so I have experienced this first hand and sure glad I did!
  5. That is a lovely idea about the letters! I am a Nurse and quite worried about what will become of the health care system if this bill is passed (although I already have a pretty good idea). Rationed care, then possibly rationed care-givers. I have no interest in working for a socialized health care system.
  6. I think JeffS made an excellent suggestion. You should talk to whoever decided to write that letter.
  7. WOW. It is almost like they are placing more value on the support staff (secretaries, janitors, nursing assistants) than the staff that is actually crucial to saving the lives of the patients. I can see why you are frustrated.
  8. This is shadesofgrey writing on offtotheright's computer. Apparently logging out is just too difficult Anyway, in the previous post I discuss how the producers are affected in the CURRENT setup. Part of your tax dollars go to subsidized government healthcare for certain individuals and part of it goes to social security, welfare, etc. So the money that you (the producer) earn, goes partially to those who did not earn it. So my question was since the producer will be paying anyway, would it be cheaper for them to pay for the vaccine up front or to pay for the people disabled by polio later. Incidentally, for example, in the state of Pennsylvania, all newborn babies are innoculated with the hepatitis B vaccine upon birth unless the parents choose otherwise against medical advice. That cost is borne by the taxpayer. So is it cheaper to pay for a vaccine at birth, or pay to support the effects of the disease later? Either way, under the current laws, we're paying.
  9. Yes, I would consider adultery "cheating" and therefore a deal breaker. I think adultery is incredibly disrespectful to a romantic partner and is grounds for dismissal from the relationship. I do think that depending on the circumstances, it is possible to work through something like this with your partner, but there is the risk that one or both parties will become very paranoid, distant or angry and the once fantastic relationship will dissipate. Communication and trust with a partner are some key factors if both parties intend to work through this.
  10. I can't think of a better reason to have sex with someone; You admire the person, share the same values and morals, and enjoy the person's company above any other persons. This sounds like the person I would like to wake up next to every day!
  11. I really like "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine". I actually put this one on the back of a shirt I used to wear to the gym. I also like to think of the quote "By what right? By what code? By what standard?", especially when I hear someone talking about how they think they are entitled to a job, unconditional love, etc.
  12. Thanks everyone. I will continue this matter closed, even though some may still like to discuss it in the future.
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