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  1. For myself it would be David Eddings Terry Brooks Tolkien I haven't read neither Goodkind nor Heinlein but will do that when I get the time (I have a booklist that would probably make me read for a couple of years without any problem)
  2. I would say that I am political Objectivist (Because that part I comprehend completly and if it is even a possible label), but there are some parts that I really need to read up on I think, possibly because politics is the part that I am most intrested in but I also understand why I need a philosophical backing of my political views. And yes I do agree with you on the parts that Objectivism is comprehandable etc, just that I need to read up on it I think. It is really really good to have something that you can really point at in philosophical and political discussions with people
  3. Just taking one of the posts of these to make my point...for myself I use the term Student of objectivism because I haven't read and understood everything yet and therefor I am not sure if I consisently apply Objectivism in my personal life (I am not sure if it is even possible to do that to 100% in Sweden or any other country in the world), and therefor I cannot call myself an Objectivist. However I of course share the basic values A is A, using reason etc etc
  4. OK here we go: M*A*S*H Seinfeld Cheers Frasier Simpsons Whose Line Is It Anyway Monty Python Fawlty Towers Drew Carey Black Adder (Mainly the fourth season) Spin City Jeeves & Wooster Allo Allo Dilbert There are probably others as well, but I can't think of them now
  5. Xfce is my windowmanager of choice Sylpheed Claws is my emailsoftware of choice Firefox (Browser) Galeon (Browser) Konqueror (Browser, filemanager) KBear (FTP) Pan (News) aMSN (MSN) is software that I would like to have included
  6. About a year ago I went to use Linux all the time at home as I grew tired of the clumsy and crappy Windows. For my needs Windows is not easy-to-use, I don't feel that I have any control at all over the system. I feel I have control over my computer with Mandriva Linux and Xfce as my window manager. One day I am gonna have the energy to install FreeBSD as I do like it even better then Linux mainly because of the package system, it rocks.
  7. I do play texas hold'em, mostly on the net though, and mostly tournaments. I am not really all that experienced in my own view to play cashgames yet.
  8. Actually the situation might be even worse then it is said in this article. The swedish minister of justice Thomas Bodström wants EU to force ISP and telephone providers that they have to store emails, traffic etc etc for two years IIRC.
  9. My view of this is that SCO is trying to up its failing stockquote and/or perhaps find a buyer for its company. Many views this legal situation as a non-situation, and it is also rather interesting that SCO has not even presented the slightest bit of evidence in their favour even though judges has requested it.
  10. Unless my neigbours cat counts no kids......
  11. Welcome here....and ohh...that part I quoted answered the question I was gonna post for you....Morrissey is my view along with Martin Gore the two best songwriters.
  12. Thanks, I will. I am not sure if the Star Trek universe could be turned in any Objectivistic way, however that is a part of the experiment on my part to see how other characters in that universe would react (The Ferrengi's were businessmen, but in my view dishonest businessmen) to a person that is being capitalistic, if it would work.
  13. What I disagree with is that Objectivism would not be possible if that universe was a real universe, for those characters that universe is true and therefor A=A is applicable to those characters
  14. Sure it is not an ideal universe for an Objectivist...so what? Earth as we know aren't either....in the Star Trek Universe there is gold pressed latinum for example and you can make profits and so on. I wouldn't call the Star Trek universe communist, trade and so on also exists, and as I said it is an experimental character, if it will not work out, I will have a back up character created.
  15. I tend to disagree with this for the characters A would still be A in their universe, sure it is not our universe but for the characters A would be A
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