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  1. Competition is a challenge, whether it is between men or machines. Its a good time to explore fields that are difficult for machines to compete in. Figuring out skills you may still be able to develop within the confines of your condition. Look into services the owners of the machines might need, where are they going to spend their money? There will be work in engineering and designing machines. If goods are produced with greater efficiency, what use are all those goods if no one has a job to earn money to buy them? We may see a rise in human jobs that make use of our creative capacity. Brainstorm starting as many businesses as you can that train humans in jobs that humans are better at. 'Long term competitive advantage' is a term some entrepreneurs use. How can you develop your own personal competitive advantage? What books can you read to maximize your potential?
  2. It took three days of contemplation to bring together my current responses. I'm not an expert, I know I have a lot of growing to do. It is overwhelming, and I would like to have more speedy access to my entire memory. Introspection is vital to growth. I am discovering the immense value in seeking critical feedback. Capacity grows with the effort to communicate about difficult subjects and to develop understanding. I have a strong aversion to wasting anyones time, I spend hours editing an idea in order to make it more concise and clear. Yes freedom allows for it, but is it objective to take advantage of stupidity? Is stupidity a viable commodity? When do we enter a reality where its not marketable to capitalize on stupidity, fear, and an endless bureaucracy of hoops to jump through? Doing so cripples you, it makes your brain shrink. Capitalizing on stupidity goads the stupid into fits of rage. How can one deconstruct/clarify manipulation in a way where stupid people begin to recognize when they are being manipulated? When will taking advantage of stupidity make you less able to compete with a person of integrity? The idealism of objective thought is to eliminate the murky grey evasive areas that allow for corruption. Collectivists are angrily averse to Objectivism because it has the power to strike at the foundation of their control. If, an objectivist wants to use their volition to cause change in their world. Ayn Rand may have worked to reduce the grip of second handers on the minds of those who read and integrate her words. Her efficacy would have been greatly diminished if she had never escaped Russia. Middle men are still using billions of susceptible bodies as their batteries. When will the fundamentals of objectivism become common sense? When I see that Ayn Rand could walk into an angry booing crowd, and have them cheering by the end I contemplate the undercurrent of profound respect for the rational capacity of men, even apparent enemies, that she held. Someone in the crowd stands up to speak and is critically missing all of her context... “well go write YOUR OWN book about it.” Rand recommends... Sometimes playing stupid can keep one under the radar. Developing an abstraction that at face value is easily taken for granted by malicious knee jerk competitors, but if taken in the context of all her work was genius. It was something Ayn Rand did, that I marvel at.
  3. Given the title of this topic, my response hasn’t strayed too far off the exploration of why someone might feel overwhelmed by the problems in the world. Conspiracy implies secrecy. People like George Soros and Warren Buffet are very open about their control agendas. I am deconstructing fundamental driving forces in collectivist movements: Attention seeking and control. The Bible is a tomb of psychological warfare that has kept Judaeo/Christians in power for 5000 years and helped them dominate much of the western world. Many of the control tactics they used in the past have taken on more modern sounding guises. Playing victim, raising mascots that look like the demographic they are trying to control, media control, fear, telling you what you want to hear.... “If you want to know who is oppressing you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize” -Voltaire The various mystical texts of other major religions cater their control tactics to, and develop the sensibilities of, the people of the regions they dominate. I’m taking a closer look at the places modern collectivists can dominate with fear and control while hiding under a of cloak manipulation. Anywhere there is a grey murk of evasion, and wishful thinking there is a bureaucracy to add inexplicable expenses to the mess. There has been talk of “draining the swamp”. If all of those swamp dwellers don’t find something else to do with their “talents” they are going to run around sinking their bureaucratic fangs into any industry they can needle their way into. Manipulation depends on the susceptibility of a person. What are you susceptible to? How have you been manipulated?
  4. Nope, not me I do what I can to approach any argument with the intention of a win/win mutual understanding. I am bringing my understanding of race to this discussion because it seems superfluous to start my own topic on the same subject. Types of intelligence that are not measured in IQ tests: Humor The Arts/Creativity Olympics Holding Context Seeking Critical Feedback Understanding/Developing broad abstractions Developing Axioms Time scheduling priorities Measuring Probabilities Recognizing exponential shifts The ability to cross reference differing fields to bring a new solution Determination Tolerance for Pain Deconstruction Being Concise Integration ...
  5. The failings of THIS very real society happening now. As much as I want to believe in the rightness of a proper free Objective society, how can it be achieved when the money and power are being stacked in favor of mystics and collectivists? I have read all of Ayn Rand's books. I feel pride in my capacity to understand Objective Epistemology, and many abstractions in Ayn Rand's work affect me deeply. Yet , I still don't know the best concrete systematic steps I can take to create a better world. I have read, and sometimes re-read every response in this topic, and value the time and attention that each person invests into ideas that they care about. I often feel too emotional, and a lack of efficacy.
  6. Pay or die is often the ultimatum in the medical industry, and in the case of my father's cancer, he asked repeatedly how much it was going to cost and they gave him Obfuscations and never answered him, showing him funding information that appeared like it was going to pay for everything, until weeks after the procedure was over he got his bill. Add high pressure sales tactics that the longer he waited to act the worse it would get. Add the fact that brain researchers have found that much of your frontal cortex goes offline when shocked with a traumatic event like Cancer, you just don't have the full functioning of your reasoning capabilities. Are the exorbitant costs in the medical industry malice or happenstance? Mystics used shame and war to control the populace, in order to reduce overpopulation. Shame and war aren't working like they once did. The humans who are susceptible to shame or who can be goaded into war are being systematically eliminated from the DNA pool. Mystics seem to have a strong need for control and attention. An over active frontal cortex causing obsessive compulsive disorder. How have these controllers evolved with modern times? Medical controllers. Media controllers. Political controllers. "Humanity is an infection" Controllers. There are so many floating abstractions in all of these industries it is easy to control people through their fear. How do you usurp control out of the controllers hands? How do you trick them into running on their own hamster wheel away from the rest of us? Would there be ten times as many people here today if it weren’t for the controllers?
  7. The The price tag applied to the medical industry is high. Ten to a thousand times higher per hour of work rendered by most other professions.
  8. What do I see? Can hours of life be quantified? If the hours invested by the doctor equal the hours invested by the producer. Can the doctor add productive hours to the producers life? Can the producer add productive hours to the doctor or another producer? There is something I am missing, I'm groping, not seeing context clearly enough.
  9. I honestly don't know how to quantify fairness when it comes to health, the workings of each person's body is such a random variable. There is so much room there for ignorance to be taken advantage of. Researchers might find that snake oil actually does work. I can see that I am emotionally charged on this issue. Most people don't know how they got sick or better ways to heal their bodies. It would be fair to raise awareness, to promote some basic health education. It is an industry that receives billions upon billions of dollars regardless of whether they heal people or not. I wonder if there is a way to incentivize positive results, so that healing people, and preventing illness is more profitable than what I have seen done to all my grandparents, where they pay thousands of dollars a month to maintain their slowly declining conditions. They have the same faith in their doctors that they have in their priests. A person ought to have some knowledge of any industry they are trading their money in. There is so much to learn. It seems overwhelming to get an experts education in Medicine, Law, Media, Insurance, Politics in order to recognize when you are being manipulated.
  10. Perhaps watching my father trade the fruits of an entire lifetime of work for a couple days at the Huntsman Cancer Institute has made me insane. Observing the fear manipulation, the placations, the luxury hotel surroundings. It was fake, like a Las Vegas casino, glitz painted cardboard. I also let him drag me to a faith healing ministry in Colorado, very similar to the Huntsman Center, and Vegas. Sell you on your own fantasy. So, yeah when I read most stories related to medicine, I think its another part of the manipulation. Who else but the pharmaceutical industrial complex would benefit from the public sympathy that these stories stir? Why are people lured into the nursing profession by offers of free education, then turn around and complain endlessly about how much they hate their jobs? Why does it cost $10,000-$20,000 to give birth, when the nurses are not good, and the doctor is there for maybe an hour? Warren Buffet invests billions into the junk food industries that cause diabetes and cancer, then invests those billions he made into medicine and insurance, its a win/win/win situation for him, and it gets better the sicker people become. The world is overpopulated anyway, why not sterilize people with their own stupidity and insure that the next generation has to start from nothing unless they are the children of doctors, lawyers, insurance providers, and social media advertisers. Tell me Nicky how much money do you and the people close to you make off of the sick and dying? Is it a fair trade?
  11. Pondering the irony that a fanatic of individualism emerged from Russia. It may be that the pressure of thousands of years of expectation, of conformity to the values of regional collectivist groups, can act as a catalyst for the emergence of an individual of that group to burst forth with such a vigor of rebellion that it releases the group from limiting dogma and allows them to evolve. Ayn Rand had special insight into the nature of Russians that no one else could articulate so clearly. Each person alive today has survived 3.8 billion years of wars, famines, plagues, predators, oppression, humiliation, upheaval, adaptation to new environments... It is a mistake to take anyone for granted, no matter how you might believe yourself superior, their DNA has as much survival instinct as yours. IQ tests are biased and not advanced enough to measure many kinds of conceptual abstractions of intelligence.
  12. You're welcome to elaborate on why an observation of thousands of near identical social media accounts is insane.
  13. Sex is a trade for sex. I think women want good sex as much as men do. Sex is a thousand times better, in my opinion, if there is deep understanding, intimacy, bonding, humor, connection. I wouldn't buy a guy eggs to get him to have sex with me. The context or the wording is off. It doesn't seem romantic. I would buy him eggs because I enjoy doing nurturing, nourishing things for the person I love, it adds to a feeling of well being in the home. It might inspire him to feel more sexual in the future. I wouldn't negotiate sex. If he doesn't want sex it may be a sign of a deeper problem, or time to leave the relationship. If someone doesn't 'feel' like it, the belief that they could just lay there and let it happen anyway is sad. The belief that there is some kind of sexual/favor debt to charge each other with, and the expectation of immediate pay off will kill the passion. I am attracted to a mans mind, his integrity, his work ethic, his creativity... not so much his semi-willingness to fetch eggs.
  14. Recognizing when someone is testing if you are susceptible to their agenda is interesting. Increasing your awareness or radar for detecting manipulation from various pressure groups is helpful in deconstructing their tactics. 'The Gift of Fear' by Gavin DeBecker is a great read, he spent his career protecting high profile people from predators. How to spot a predator, tactics predators use. He helps people stop living in fear so that they can recognize the rare moments of real danger. Another interesting tangent, I watched a bunch of youtube videos about pick-up-artists to get an idea of how to recognize the difference in a guy who is genuinely interested in me as a person, and a guy who just wants a fantasy to jerk himself off with.
  15. Tesla - Automatizing electric cars, and semi-trucks. A self-driven car will become as rare as having a horse. SpaceX - A million people to Mars. Solar City - Enough energy hits the earth in one day to supply all our power needs for a year. Giga Factories - Lithium Ion Batteries. The Boring Company - Travel 200 miles per hour, in underground tunnels. Funded through merchandise sales. A Boring Flame Thrower anyone? Star Link - Access to high speed Internet anywhere Open AI - Working to ensure safety in quickly advancing Artificial Intelligence technology. Is AI our greatest existential threat? In 2008 Elon Musk's companies were nearly bankrupt, he put everything he had into keeping them afloat. Today these companies are developing work environments that foster thousands of the best engineers to live up to their potentials and make exponential breakthroughs in their fields. What are your thoughts?
  16. How many people would consider Ayn Rand a typical Russian? Filter your experience of an individual through a preconceived expectation and you eclipse your direct, immediate awareness of the evidence that the individual is presenting. The aptitudes I have seen among friends varies so greatly it seems inconvenient to have a preconceived notion about what a person is capable of. It seems condescending to express surprise when someone is smarter than their demographic would suggest. I might have some higher aptitudes than my parents, but what does that do for our relationship, if I am not careful to respect that they are doing what they can with what they have? There are greater aptitudes among any organic creature that has been navigating the same geographical challenges for thousands of years. Fat/energy storage, cooling, sun and oxygen absorbency, fighting predators. Inuits and polar bears are better at surviving in the cold. This knowledge seems superfluous unless there is something I need to learn from one of them for my own work or survival. Why should an individual of one demographic refrain from exploring a path of knowledge that excites him because it isn't considered a strength among those who look like him?
  17. I love Nietzsche. I suppose it comes from a familiar unbridled rebellion that runs in my family. I was raised by teenaged alcoholic drug addicts.... I love my family. A thousand generations of prostitutes daughters got to this point in time just as surely as a thousand generations of preachers sons. Any time you are faced with the stanch pride of an idiot arrogantly defending his right to his beliefs, remember his DNA is 3.8 Billions years as old as you are. Remember also, your children's DNA is 14 to 75 years older than yours. The same rebellion that drove us across the ocean in rat infested wooden ships, the same rebellion that drove us across the prairies... makes us gaze at Mars in strange anticipation. Forever running from the controllers. Nietzsche explores the intricacies of rebellion with such a playful rhythm. Irrationality as a necessity of evolutionary adaptation. Imagination can get you through years of imprisonment and a few dark ages. "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" - Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil begins: "What if the truth is a woman? What then?" By the time I get to the end of it, I think maybe a woman wrote this book, used his name, and she is the reason Nietzsche went crazy and spent his last ten years in isolation. If you go through the whole book and replace truth with false, false with truth, man with woman, woman with man, woman with truth, man with false.... And pay extra special attention to the very intricate broad abstractions he punctuates with a "WHAT?" throughout. Its just breathtaking how many ways I can imagine him meaning everything and its opposite. It is an Olympian sized exercise in exploring any given topic from as many angles and positions as possible, you find the truth in there, and she is not such a weakling as to need rescuing. I forgive his shortcomings thinking you can only do so much, on your own, during the times in which you live.
  18. "How do I live in a country…" …This translates (to me) to mean, how do you manage your frustration with things you think are never going to get better? Universal Health Care is a scam. The people pushing it know its never going to work. The more they push it the worse it gets. Which intern insights delusional people to scream louder for it. The terror of death is what keeps it going. Everyone wants to live forever and they will give their last dime, their home, any legacy they have for their families future, and get themselves in hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt. Just to stay alive as a guinea pig for another couple years. This is what they want the government nanny state to pay for. Cry SAFETY!! The ultimate tool of stagnation. No one is safer than the man is a straight jacket in a padded cell. Death is so horrifying for most mystics that they will buy any snake oil that promises eternal life. The safest sounding prescriptions from the oldest biggest churches. All hail big FDarma. It is difficult for a person who doesn’t want “power over another person” to understand, communicate with, or come to an agreement with a person who does want power and does want control over others. They want so much control and power, that they perceive your refusing their power or control as another power/control tactic. “Attention whore control freak” is a label that pops into my head more and more as I contemplate the problems in the world that my mind can’t seem to turn away form. Every mystic who stands in front on the pulpit is desperate to keep their audience attention. Their focus is not on quality, but on quantity. They get people to listen by playing to their weakness and telling them what they want to hear. Every decision in an irrational person’s life seems to be rooted in fear. They are so saturated with fear that telling them they do not have to live a life of fear causes them panic and terror. As though you are taking away their only protection, their only lifeline. The alternative you offer them seems impossible for their atrophied mind to grasp, the amount of mental effort to get themselves to a better place is alien. They can not see the context of the better place, they only see the loss of their traditions, and their feelings of belonging. Are you offering them anything better really? Does your approach reflect how ‘good’ your own system is? It seems so much easier to be a forgiven sheep, than it is to stand up as a man. Calling them evil is making yourself a target. JudaeoChristian values have survived for 5000 years, as countless others have fallen or been absorbed. The Bible is full of the ample examples of physical and psychological warfare they have engaged in. Have you ever read the Bible? Do you even know who your enemy is? They are masters of war, and your cries of despair fuel their fire. Darwin states that it isn’t the strongest or the smartest that survive, but the most adaptable to change. The Judaeo/Christian movement has certainly adapted. How long will your own personal movement last? Are there paths that will help mystics adapt to greater and greater rationality?
  19. I do extensive research on Tumblr, and see many interesting patterns taking place. In this screen shot, you can look at a map, each dot representing a person who reblogged this thread. It is used to find more bloggers you may have things in common with. This is from a medical discussion I got into, I started looking at many of the other people who reblog this thread, and so many of them are nearly identical that it seems like some kind of agenda. This certain type of blog posts endless horror stories sympathizing with nurses about how difficult their jobs are. I can usually tell when a regular person is blogging because there is a natural variety of information, interests. It seems that the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is employing thousands of bloggers to flood various social media sites with this kind of content.
  20. Sometimes I aspire, often I forget what I am capable of...
  21. Recognizing individual strengths. Multipliers: Put my friend Casey's computer work station in a room with three beginners, and the output of all three doubles. His years of experience lets him quickly solve problems, and share short cuts to improve workflow. In his highly competitive field of free lance CG artists, beginners are often swimming with sharks. Casey is confident in his skill, and recognizes the long term context of investment in his coworkers skill set. Everyone wants him on their team. It pays off later when they recommend him for jobs with other companies. The self interest is mutual. Many companies develop productive work environments without realizing they have been influenced by Objectivist ethics. You can cherry pick and highlight specific examples from highly successful, high profile companies who salt and pepper objective standards with random altruistic phrasing, yet in truth their policy's reflect respect for the incentives of each individual. Study various perspectives on competition. Studies of Alpha leaders show that the Alpha exhibits a calm demeanor that is more effective managing others because they work effectively without the need to compete. While insecure betas are in constant competition with each other, attempting to pull each other down. Its hard to respect a supervisor who doesn't' know how to do your job. I imagine an objectivist would want to run their own business, but that is idealistic. Maybe develop some interview questions to get insight into how each person in industry applies objectivist ethics to their particular field. Brian studies are providing new insights into how individual brains are more geared for certain tasks. Improving radar for finding quality employees. Some people are naturally more motivated to learn. When choosing between two applicants, one may appear more qualified, but may not have the natural self starter motivation that will make the second applicant raise much more quickly through the company.
  22. Does 'The Law of Identity' include the context of how you were made? How does an objectivist differentiate one's self from the impulses of DNA? Objectivists offer the fortitude to keep your own counsel regarding offspring. Objectivism offers personal justification to escape from an irrational family, but how does it value a healthy sense of family? Objectivism seems to attract the random strays who's frontal cortex is developed enough to find the unreasonableness of the world intolerable. The fact that Objectivists gather together at all seems to be evidence of a human need for intimacy. Over the ages morality has been based largely on using shame as a tool for population control. Mystics grant their followers the moral imperative to procreate, offering protection and the self righteous obliteration of non-followers to make enough room for their flock. Environmentalists work together tirelessly to ostracize breeders, while instilling a sense that one should not have children because it would add to the overcrowded human waste on the planet. Have Objectivists shielded themselves from a witch hunt by seeming to refrain from entering the debate? Will the current objectivist stance on procreation foster a world that allows objectivists to continue to exist over the next ten thousand years? Or is 100 years the most context an objectivist ought ever to aspire to?
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