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    How can I better contemplate the opposition and misunderstanding to Objectivism when I talk with most people about Ayn Rand? I have integrated tremendous value here and also worked very hard to touch on difficult places that need growth. Why is empathy so misunderstood? How do you build bridges of reason toward opposition. The test of time. Darwin says it isn't the strongest, nor the smartest who evolve, but the most adaptable to changing circumstances. Ayn Rand's DNA represents to me an arm of her philosophy that never bore fruit. I am 3.8 billion years as old as you are.
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  1. People use a volitional spirit to play with things that scare them, like halloween. Mammals need to feel safe and in control. The virus makes us feel like we are out of control. If you can't control the virus you might try to control other people as an attempt to alleviate anxiety. People are irrational in predictable ways, whether you are for or against the mask, you can find an avalanche of 'evidence' online to support what you want to believe. The anxiety the virus causes one person doesn't affect another the same depending on how many people you know personally who died from it. The anxiety of being told what to do by other people can be just as painful, especially if you have suffered personal abuse, institutional abuse, or malpractice. Some people have a very strong physiological disgust mechanism that makes them germ phobic, while plumbers are elbow deep in human waste on a daily basis for years. and the executioners face is always well hidden
  2. I moved to Wyoming for a few years, back in Kearns now. It seems like there are a lot of loud obnoxious angry kids gripped by irrational political ideology in the Utah Atheists group on Facebook.
  3. Innovators actively seek critical feedback, how does copy/pasting add to the discussion of metaphysics, epistemology, identity or volition?
  4. Thats why the quality of your consciousness is not a copy paste auto response if it wants to have real impact on deep thinkers...
  5. Thinking more about this. If oppressive governments are pouring billions of dollars into "Anti-Human" social media ad campaigns to polarize all sides of the American political spectrum... are they getting their moneys worth? Their approach works on their own people who are crushed by more than 50,000 years of slave mentality. What do they seem to be gaining as they vicariously dabble with the concept of free speech in America? How do you get good at spotting the clever tricks of oppressors who think they can push the "empathy button" without actually feeling it? The empathy center in your brain expands in proportion to the freedom of volition in your surrounding area. This is why the difficulty and solitude of colder climates produce a greater percentage of independent, resilient, and benevolent individuals. Native Americans had 10,000 years of much greater volition to spread out. Early slave traders were perplexed at how impossible it is to violate a Native American's volition. In each oppressed person there is an oppressor who believes that accepting subversion will make them part of something stronger. Americans seem to love the underdog as a celebration of volition. How do you temper your empathy to free the oppressed with understanding that the responsibility of freedom is overwhelmingly horrifying to those who have been punished their whole lives for any attempt to think for themselves?
  6. How is it that a year ago it was much more common to feel derision toward germaphobes and hypochondriacs? Humans die without contact, I wouldn't trade anything for my 4 year old niece jumping my lap and giving me a kiss on the cheek with her booger face. I get a tissue, clean up her face and tell her she is adorable. A germ or virus is nothing compared to human consciousness. Why teach children to feel overwhelming helplessness in the face of something you absolutely have the intelligence to adapt to?
  7. The 'Do no harm, take no crap' approach is interesting. Last year YouTube was repeatedly recommending a hostage negotiation masterclass, looking into it I discovered a... language within the language... that I have been spending the year learning. It has absolutely evolved the way I approach conflict and difficult conversations. I am starting to actually look forward to challenges. I am kind of feeling like the 'shit head whisperer'. I watch a group called Utah Atheists who seem to be dominated by marxists shouting down every awkward individual who is newly questioning their faith in the conservative state. The curious semi-atheist tries to see if its worth it to take a lonely jump from one community to another. After seeing hundreds of posts in support of twitters freedom by people who constantly post threads taxing the life out of business owners... I started a thread about freedom of speech separate from the Trump debate and got a hundred people telling me to shut up and go away. Understanding history is my incentive to engage. The thought came that the aggression is a manifestation of volition, and not to take it personally. If they want to use their freedom of speech to try to shame me into conceding on deeply meaningful issues, it won't work. They have obviously never contemplated in depth. Why let it take me for a ride? I remember Ayn Rand saying the rats will scatter at the first sound of a human step. I could have handled some of my reaction better, my patience seems to have paid off, the group is loosening some restrictions. If my words inspire a person who is uncomfortable but can't explain why, then I feel like I am not standing idly by letting my home be overrun with stupidity. What does this have to do with wearing masks.... to negotiate with a hostage taker, you spend the beginning of the conversation listening, mirroring, using tactical empathy, calibrated questions, to let the control freak feel like he is in control. These skills are awkward at first and might feel like wearing a mask, but they can become integrated into your personality as an evolutionary approach. A human will irrationally defend volition, letting him have it changes his brain chemistry and brings his higher reasoning online.
  8. Look around your home. Is there anything there that gives you energy? Validates your consciousness? Reminds you of the unique manifestations of your identity? Any song, book, film, tactile object that resonates with the possibility of a goal worth aiming toward? Is there something you could put on your wall that will add a spring to your step, or release the tense confusion of a recent argument because it resonates with a problem solving mindset? As one works toward building a solid foundation in reality, aesthetics is where humanity has a chance to evolve creatively through the contribution of each individual. It takes a great deal of personal resilience to create something that is true, to the epic depths of your mind, regardless of whether another person might recognize some universal appeal.
  9. This has been on my mind a lot lately. It seems each person struggles in this dream state to a certain degree. It looks like contact with reality takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and the evolutionary advantage of a developed frontal cortex. How do I describe the dawning I encountered when Ayn Rand gave me my first real taste of what reality might be... after spending thirty years of doing the best I could with the primitive tools I had. What "identity"... identity as a man, as a romantic, as a fertile animal, as a brother, as a friend, as an internet acquaintance. Man seems especially hungry for a hero of consciousness to access a path or foundation with resilience to weather the storm. Plague scares are not uncommon throughout history, what kind of mind has gotten through with more benevolence and freedom intact? one of em has eyes as big as jolly ranchers. I've been focusing on neural science and psychology lately. Carl Jung's thoughts are interesting. The ancient use of masks in culture to get a grip on negative emotion... Halloween is our yearly tradition dressing up as our favorite boogie man to make fun of insecurities it seems.
  10. It seems freedom twinkles around the edges... these moments where a person has the consciousness to show the rare benevolence that is still cherished in America. It was difficult worrying for my son when he had Covid last February. I compare that initial worry with wondering if he was going to get it all year, and appreciate how we got it over with. Our family has also been missing the usual get togethers, luckily my brother is building a large patio so we can catch up this spring. Mutual respect is crucial for relationships, its good to see someone doing what they can with a difficult situation.
  11. How many masks do you wear? I chose to present and ponder this topic as a Metaphysical and Epistemologcal exploration of identity. This thread is not so much to argue the benefits and safety of the mask. Another thread seems to do a thorough job in favor of the mask: https://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?/topic/34048-rebloggedit-is-not-self-interest-to-take-illness-lightly/&tab=comments#comment-368272 I wear the mask every day, I had Covid in February, never been more sick in my life... I definitely don’t want my three grandmothers in their 90’s to die from it, and I miss hugging them terribly. I've been seriously trying to figure out how I might be able to quarantine for two weeks just to have the privilege of being in the same room with each of them. You can submit to the mask and still hate it and still speak out against how dehumanizing it can be. As well as give careful attention to the ways opportunistic power struggle groups seize upon fear. The Chinese Congress spent $2 Billion for covid in the U.S. That is $40M in each state… Money from China is slave labor money. The money seems to be spent on social media ad campaigns promoting their agenda. You can spot the underlying theme in a deluge of memes that try to alienate, belittle, polarize, dehumanize, take for granted, and intellectually cripple America for respecting freedom and success. If you are faceless, what identity do you have?
  12. Intelligence tests were first designed to comb through people in poverty, identify those with potential and invest in their education. Some contributing factors of intelligence having upward mobility are basic nutrition, stable emotional environment, caring family members, not being shot at, willingness to take on responsibility, negotiation skills, writing/speaking skills, openness, autonomy... Part of the flag waving American Pride is the implication that humans seem to have gotten a lot smarter in the last 200 years in proportion to their freedom and value for individual independence.
  13. I agree. I've been on a Jordan Peterson youtube marathon the last couple weeks, as I do with many people who interest me. His lectures are packed so full of information. He reads a book a day, and says the more you know the more you realize how much more you don't know. I've sensed his limits on a few issues, wouldn't it be nice to have a couple hundred more years to take things in and put them together in useful ways.
  14. In this image, the space in the center (the mean) shows the average IQ scores for the vast majority are the same, and the real differences arise in the small gaps at the edges which are the outliers.
  15. The people I care about matter to me in many different ways, their intelligence being one aspect. In prison drug use has probably diminished the IQ's that many had when they were younger. There are also some very intelligent bastards in prison. This got me thinking about another statistic Jordan Peterson was talking about. That 10% of Americans, the outliers, do not have a high enough IQ to be allowed into the military. They are not smart enough to be shot at, yet they still need to be kept occupied with something productive to do so they don't run around tearing the world up. One can have very low IQ and very high trait conscientiousness and still do a simple repetitive job much better than a robot can.
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