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  1. Blame philosophy. We are told from birth the government is your provider. That's a crude philosophic political view taught to and accepted by most. Dr Hurd needs to clarify a few things and it would be fair to ask him if the poor, for example, should be blamed for their poverty and a government that helps to cause it. He better answer a resounding "NO!" and explain himself. It would also help if he understood and communicated the fact the Donald Trump is no capitalist of any kind and that he's the wrong vehicle through which to change the crooked system. On the other hand, even if we want to sympathize with the poor and blame the system more than them for their situation, our anti welfare statist position makes us a big target for the welfare state advocates who resort to smears (racist, greedy, cruel..). If we were to write an essay on why politicians are crooks what should we say that's different from the essay in the OP?
  2. Being poor is a choice for who? Why is choosing to be poor irrational? How does choosing to be poor prevent a person from being rational enough to be educated?
  3. Why is that the only way to educate them? I've never heard of this before.
  4. Ask the people providing the education. What am I? A know it all?
  5. You are going in circles. What if someone decides to educate these poor people?
  6. So what? What does that have to do with anything?
  7. If you explain why some poor people should not be allowed to get an education you will give me something to think about.
  8. Who holds this position? Or are you seriously saying you do?
  9. Why are you calling it murder? How does this situation regardless of the choice made qualify the choice as murder?
  10. Conservative writer David French explains how the Alt Right abuses the Conservative Never Trumpers: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/441319/donald-trump-alt-right-internet-abuse-never-trump-movement
  11. I'm beginning to think Trump is the one on drugs... the wacko kind.
  12. I was going to vote for Trump to keep Hillary out but that was months ago. I can't do that now. I know now what Nicky has known all along. He's a disaster in the making if he's elected. Vote for Johnson if Hillary is unacceptable to you or don't vote.
  13. FYI I'm not Asian nor are my parents. Asian tiger parents are reacting to what is, for better or worse, a hypercompetitive environment. They're doing what they think is going to prepare their kids to succeed in that environment. How is that different from Objectivism? What do you think Objectivism is teaching you to do that's the same? I don't understand. One respondent in this thread already told you that he limits himself to 30 hours of work a week on principle and no one I know who follows Objectivist principles generally is experiencing the kind of problems you claim below. They did what my parents did, and now I'm a broken man with chronic health problems at a considerably young age, and I'm not even close to being the only one. So what do I do now according to Objectivism? Just go kill myself so I'm not a "burden on others"? You can start by not asking us if you should kill yourself because that is absurd. Did you honestly think someone here thought you should?? And if so, why?? Because you are a burden to us? Do you think we are experiencing your burdens now? We don't even know you. On others who forced their burdens onto me during my earlier years, turning me into what I am today? By all means, go to your parents and protest what they did to you if you want (not that this will necessarily help you). Ask them to compensate you for your losses and see what happens. Get a lawyer and sue them. I don't care. Just don't blame us for your issues.
  14. Several people in this thread have been asking you for the evidence that collectivist or tribalist thinking is hardwired and you have yet to cite even one piece of concrete data to support this claim outside of saying that every professor you know believes it. Why do they believe it? What's their evidence?
  15. Yes, after reading the entire article and the comments I got the same impression. I admit to being a bit careless linking that particular article on the subject. Here is a more mainstream article from July: Wolf whistling to become a hate crime: Nottinghamshire police cracks down on misogyny
  16. Ok, here's one for you. England Set To Ban Talking To Women as "Misogynist Hate Crime"
  17. You are catching on. They are being collectivist in their own way. Don't you think they learned that from somewhere? I mean no one is born thinking "I'm (fill in the blank with a race) therefore we need (fill in the blank with a color) group rights!"
  18. Does a gene cause them to accept this or did they observe reality and draw a conclusion? I'm confused. By the way, just about everybody else accepts that there is a God but let me guess, there's a gene for that one too.
  19. Ok but what I and others are having trouble with is the claim that an alien crossing the border of my country without the knowledge or permission of my government is an initiation of force against me and other citizens. How is it an initiation of force? What action does his entry prevent me from taking that you think I had a right to take?
  20. It isn't obvious. It's only obvious when someone is convicted (and even then mistakes are possible). What I wonder is what's the difference between an American and an illegal immigrant that one gets to be here and the other doesn't by law. What's the distinguishing characteristic that makes it legal and right for the American to be inside our borders but not the illegal alien.
  21. Do you foresee any possible economic disaster if Trump initiates his promised trade war? What about Immigration? He seems adamant to keep out the Mexican and muslim "riff raff" but quite a lot of innocent immigrants and refugees will pay the price for that it seems.
  22. How do you know it's the quality of the training and not simply bad cops acting badly? Also, keep in mind how the media reports on these incidents. They are not always honest or objective.
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