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  1. I misunderstood you. Sorry I did not mean to derail the thread.
  2. Israel is currently too busy releasing 1027 prisoners in exchange for one kidnapped Israeli soldier to notice USA's weak (non)response to the terrorist attempt by the Iran regime. I don't think it's a great mystery what kind of 'reaction' you'll see coming out of Israel to the Iranian terrorist plot.
  3. Why are such liberty dollars desirable? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just use precious metals and I owe yous of precious metals for the same purpose? That way you avoid the risk of fraud charges, and the overhead of paying someone to mint the coins and generally run the whole business.
  4. Unfortunately the computer had a great advantage over the human players. It was able to beat them to the buzzer almost constantly. If you watch the videos, you'll notice that the human players tried to buzz but came second, and the computer got the correct answer. Not wanting to detract from the achievement of IBM in building a super computer that can understand tricky textual questions and come up with the correct answer, but the score difference between the computer and the human should not be taken to represent true difference in knowledge quantity, only advantage in buzzing ability. Consider this imaginary situation: All the questions are extremely easy (say, math questions). In this case no one would be surprised that a computer can beat a human champion in Jeopardy match. For all we know, the human players knew the correct answers to more questions than the computer did, but lost simply due to buzzing ability. I am excited to see a computer that can come up with the answers to the questions Watson did, but this whole 'computer beats human champions' thing is a sham from IBM. They're blowing dust in the eyes of tv viewers. Edit: For those of you unaware, in Jeopardy you can not buzz until the host has finished reading the question. That means as a human player if you know the answer, you can either buzz frequently (not entirely sure if this does not get punished by a delay) or wait until the host has finished reading the question. Furthermore, Watson received an electronic signal telling it when buzzing became 'enabled'. This enabled the computer to beat the humans to the buzzer in situations when they both knew the answers.
  5. You have both missed and didn't miss something together. You will remain in this state until an outside observer collapses your probability space. To OP: I was waiting for you to fill the post =/
  6. I may not be a physicist, but the negative temperature concept did not convince me. It appears they are rigging the system to sorta match what a reverse temperature (negative temp) would behave like, but they aren't doing so by manipulating temperatures.
  7. I think it's also partially because we're taught it's not nice to brag, that each person is good in his own way, that we aren't better than anyone else, etc etc. Accepting that you're guilty of something is an extension of this. You aren't claiming to be guiltless, are you? What kind of arrogant individualist are you to claim innocence? By claiming unearned guilt you immediately put yourself near the bottom of the pile, thus immune to criticism from those around you.
  8. Yes. You're in school to get education, not as a servant or a slave. The fact that they have the nerve to tell you in your face it's your duty to serve them, and then try and make you feel like you're the one who's wrong to disagree, is unforgivable. I can only wish you that you'll be out of there soon.
  9. Tomer, the school is very unjust towards you. Mechuyavut Ishit is BS.
  10. Sad indeed. If seeing how Hitchens does not repent now that he has cancer will get some religious people thinking, then perhaps there is some good that may yet come out of this.
  11. Soth


    The article was mildly amusing read. I especially enjoyed Obama's non realistic actions in that story. 'The end is coming' isn't anything new. I for one hope that SK will retaliate with a full scale attack and destroy NK. There will be many casualties and it is unfortunate. There will be more casualties if they attack today than if they did 10 years ago. There will probably be still even more casualties if they wait for another 5-10 years. Even if they do not attack, I hope this will convince them to cease all humanitarian aid to NK and all diplomatic activities. These do nothing but strengthen the totalitarian NK regime. I hope the rest of the world does the same. That is, help eliminate NK, and fully morally and otherwise back up South Korea in it's just cause. I suspect NK will lose it's will to fight sooner than people think, since I expect most of it's population and army is already against the regime. Though if NK has nukes, it will probably use them. But I can see no way around that. Perhaps an overwhelming opening attack with outside help can devastate their nuclear capabilities before they can launch them? I can only hope. Edit: Here's one of my favourite photos, because it illustrates the results of ideas and philosophy so well:
  12. I'm 26 and do not have children of my own yet. Having said that, my parents never physically punished me. I feel tremendous respect towards them, and I honestly feel safe in saying I don't believe I would feel the same respect had they beat me when I was a child. In fact, I'm fairly sure I would resent it greatly. Perhaps I would have been able to overcome it, but I would most certainly feel that it were wrong of them to use physical punishments.
  13. After going through the information in this thread and the various links, I've come to the conclusion that the 'scan or pat down' alternatives are unnecessary. I have realized that the TSA is unable to wield this power responsibly, that it does not prevent passengers from getting knives on board airplanes, that it represents an unprecedented action by the government directed at law abiding citizens, that there are better ways to go about increasing aerial security, I now feel certain that I am right in rejecting this. I hope this new power grab will be abolished soon. The fact that they've waited until after the elections is revealing, indeed.
  14. Quick, we must give the government more funding to solve this crisis!
  15. I made my second post in response to a post which seems to have been deleted. I posted it minutes after CapitalistSwine's post, so I haven't seen it at the time, nor is my post in response to his. I thank CapitalistSwine and the others who have posted responses, and I'll read them and the links in details as I continue pondering the matter. Just wanted to say this before I get started.
  16. I fail to see how passing through a scanning machine negates anyone's free will or liberty. You already go through metal detectors, do you have any less liberty and/or free will if you go through an x-ray scanner? Is the whole uproar about the machines taking "naked" photographs? Maybe I'm just not bothered at the thought of a security officer seeing an outline of my naked body in order to ensure I'm not carrying weapons in my underwear. Is there something I'm missing here, or is this basically it? There may be better ways of keeping terrorists off airplanes, that can be debated. But surely keeping air planes safe deserves some consideration when opposed with people's desires to hide their body from view.
  17. I'm not sure where I stand on the matter. So far the arguments I've heard opposing full body scanners haven't been convincing, and that includes the 2 clips posted by the OP. Ron Paul's speech seemed very emotional to me. He addressed that the pilots are being exempt. It seems pretty obvious to me that they would be (and if they weren't originally meant to be exempt, I completely agree they should be exempt). He called scanning minors as 'child pornography', which I think is absurd. He mentioned the constitution forbidding unnecessary searches, but the whole issue at hand here is whether or not these searches necessary, which he didn't address. Just because 400,000 people died from car accidents, and much less died from terrorist activities involving airplanes, doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to try and make air planes safer. Aerial terrorism can be a very major thing, and a country is right to do it's best to avoid it. As for the second video, that guy was even worse. I expected a lot upon hearing he's in charge of security in El Al, but I don't think there's a single thing I learned by listening to his ramblings. Maybe El Al is doing an excellent job at securing their flights, but does he really expect us to believe that simply talking with each passenger is enough to determine whether he's a terrorist or not? What if the passenger doesn't fit their 'profile'? What if an educated western guy does it? Can a security member identify him by a 1-3 minute casual conversation, when he's interviewing dozens if not hundreds of people each day? How is the TSA supposed to find out whether a passenger is carrying a weapon in his underwear that isn't triggering the metal detectors? And assuming the x-ray scanners don't emit dangerous radiation, why is it so bad for a security guard to view an outline of your naked body on his screen to ensure you aren't smuggling weapons on board the plane?
  18. It seems there were hired al-Qaeda mercenaries on board the ship. Some 'peace convoy'. link: http://ironicsurrealism.blogivists.com/201...p-mavi-marmara/
  19. As an Israeli I am outraged with the fact that our soldiers were sent there severely handicapped, with restricting no-fire orders (as are common in IDF) resulting in a terrible tragey and what could've spelled death of many Israeli soldiers. It was clear that these ships were no 'humanitarian aid' nor a 'peace mission', since Israel has offered weeks ago to deliver all such humanitarian aid passed to it for Gaza. This should've been dealt with without endangering Israeli soldiers lives unnecessarily. What should of happened is that once the ships entered Israeli territory and after fair warnings, all ships which would refused to turn back should've been sank, or at the very least captured with rifles wielding troops. Furthermore, I am shocked that Turkey had the nerve to send such a mission of armed civilians to Israel, with full intent for the actions to unfold the way they did, and am pointing an accusing finger towards the Turkish government.
  20. That's hilarious! I have a 'who is John Galt?' T-shirt and I usually get approached several times a day when I wear it. I've been unable to come up with a decent response so far. I might just try that one. It may not get the message through, but it is great for a laugh.
  21. Hello and welcome to OO.net. May you'll gain deeper understanding of many issues. You'll definitely encounter many non-mainstream ideas here. 15 years old is the beginning of the road of comprehending and dealing with philosopical issues. It is good that you devote effort to dealing with these issues as they underline one's life, whether one deals with them or not. If not, then usually one tends to default on whatever notions one gained from one's culture. Do not be swayed by people dismissing your opinions as 'mere idealism' and tell you that 'you'll grow up and know better'. I am 25 and I have been hearing that all my life (on various topics), and I am still hearing it today. From my experience, this is the sort of arguement people resort to when they lack any real arguement. Having said that, you are likely to change your mind here and there while you grow up on various issues. That is perfectly valid. If anything, it shows you have enough independence to make up your own mind, regardless of what you hear from society, of what you used to believe, or even of what hear from people you otherwise agree with on many things. The important thing is to always judge yourself what ideas you accept. Be open to arguements and counter arguements. When someone disagrees with what you think, understand that the only way for him to change your mind is by presenting his side of the arguement clearly and bringing supporting evidence. Do not be swayed by any other tactics, such as argument from intimidation, argument from authority, personal attacks, etc. There is a quote from Atlas Shrugged saying something along the lines of "I yield to the mind and to nothing but the mind". I think that sums it up nicely. I remember my days back in public school and I can't say I envy you. The people around you are often very shallow and downright mean. You can usually find a few good people amongst them and they make it a whole lot easier. I can only encourage you that it ends eventually. MrCropper is great, I have a blast watching his videos and he's usually one of the first sources I recommend to people who are interested. As for atheism / agnosticism, I personally consider the idea of god rediculous and I would place a 100% chance of there being no god. I live my life by it because after considering the issue deeply that is the conclusion I've drawn. The reason for my conclusion is because I have plenty of evidence for people making up god(s) / supernatural entities / etc, but none for any of it being true. Therefor I go by the evidence. Furthermore the incorporation of a possibility of a god undermines the very core of my understanding of the world, and therefor it is an unthinkable thing to accept as even possibly true without any evidence. Other atheists I know in real life are not as certain, and they usually entertain the notion that 'we can never be sure'. These people would possibly fit into the category of agnostics. I enjoy debating these people IRL, and am somewhat surprised they usually consider my position radical. I'll end up by advocating for the internet as a remarkable tool for learning. You can find anything on anything on the internet and I highly recommend you develop the habit of studying through it on various matters. I often finding myself reading on topics that interest me on google or wikipedia or listening to lectures on youtube (did you know there are entire university courses available from top universities there?) and just opening 10 different links and end up spending hours reading material. It beats the hell out of having just your teachers and people around you and tv for knowledge. I suppose previous generations could use books but that is so much less convinient and complete than the internet and I truly feel we live in privileged times in this regard.
  22. I have to vote for English. I only speak Hebrew as native language and fluent English, and recently started learning Korean as a hobby, so my knowledge of different languages is far from comprehensive. However English has one thing going for it which decides the vote for me: English is widely known throughout the western world. Since I am full of hope that the world will move in the direction of speaking a universal language, and English is a likely candidate, I have to root for it.
  23. Always great hearing the right economic views for a change! I'm so sick of the mainstream nonsense.
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