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  1. Haven't seen you around in a while.

  2. I recall one conversation we had in which you stated Israel is not a Zionist State, maybe that is what you are referring to? I mean don't get me wrong, your reply was characteristically poetic and beautiful in its rhetoric, but what exactly am I imagining?
  3. You have me highly interested to know which of my beliefs are imaginary.
  4. You know for someone shown to have no knowledge of the situation at all you speak with absolute conviction. Why do ignorance and arrogance hang together like that?
  5. Many Marxists did look at WW1 as demonstrating the bankruptcy of the old order but are you suggesting an organized secret society of crypto-marxists pushing for war existed on a global scale?
  6. Interesting essay, thank you for posting it here for us.
  7. I have to say based on the battle reports up on youtube this game is going to be WIN. Game of the decade material.
  8. The meaning of volition is hinted at by the Lexicon in two entries, Volitional and Free Will. Also David, nice use of the Socratic Method.
  9. What evidence would be accepted to show animals have volition? Tool creation, language use, a lack of tail, fur and scales?
  10. So viewing a commercial site through offline browsing would be theft?
  11. Pursuing values is a relativistic affair, you have to continually weigh the pros and cons. In this context I think the effects on your financial situation and interpersonal relationships would be the key to analyse though depending on the nature of the hobby there may be other factors you need to weigh. The way that calculus works out is the rationality of your decision.
  12. Interesting. 2 quick points, 1) Every site has a different TOS, a site designed to give images for free and a commercial site would differ in what they allow you to do. 2) Every user has a cache, presumably there is nothing wrong with revisiting a site offline and viewing an image from it even though the data is stored on your hard drive. 3) What you plan on doing with the picture also enters into it probably.
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