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  1. This looks great! http://vimeo.com/101896187
  2. The first man I thought of was Elon Musk, the first woman Miki Agrawal, I have just read her book.
  3. Zeus did not represent an idea like Chavez does.
  4. The question you ask makes some interesting assumptions. What is it about any product that onces it exists, makes people think that they are entitled to it? The evil is not in being the only source of a product, but believing you are entitled to the product of another. What you want is to make theft legal. As an aside, you have ignored an important fact, there are always alternatives. 1st alternative transport like rail or roads. 2nd alternative products like wood, propane, electricity, coal, solar, geothermal. In a very fundamental sense monopolies do not exist, they are entirely a fictional concept.
  5. I think that Ayn Rand believed and I rightly so, that a political movements divorced from a philosophical tradition is less than impotent but destructive to the erstwhile goals of that political movement, because they cannot in any coherent way articulate the why. From the Lexicon Because libertarianism basis itself on floating concepts, it chases itself into absurd ideas like anarchro capitalism, Green libertarianism and Libertarian socialism. The libertarians of her time liked what she said about capitalism but rejected the need for an integrated philosphy. This is the basic reason Ayn Rand was against libertarianism
  6. The Von Braun Astronomical Society in Huntsville has one of the StarFire telescopes, a very impressive instrument. Even if they where the only maker of premium telescopes, I find nothing objectionable in this practice. I think these instruments are more like great works of art in engineering. Do you find the practice of breaking the mold to be objectionable?
  7. A barter economy is many orders of magnitude less efficient in than an economy facilitated by money. Barter cannot reliably do any of the functions of money namely being a medium of exchange, as a store of value, and as a unit of account. Without prices we do not know what products are in demand thus were to invest extra capital. The benefits of money are substantial and preferring barter completely irrational.
  8. What do you mean by forgive in this context? What actions will you take if you do or do not forgive? Why do you think your knowledge of politics entitles you to How is his support of Obama a transgression against you?
  9. Not true at all, there is a lot of work done that does not fit this definition. From Google, noun /wərk/  works, plural Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. The primary mistake made, I think is to derive your self worth from the nature of the work you do. From the janitor to the CEO office and all the jobs in between, your work will be a revelation of your opinion of your self worth. Work is the activity we do in order to be self sufficient and independent and it is in the achievement of these that we gain a positive self regard. All of those who talk about meaningful work, and the self esteem programs in schools, have gotten the effect and its affect backwards.
  10. The question as posed seems to have the implicit assumption that we have a right to whatever product we would like to have. No matter how awesome the product is, that someone has invented, we have no right to it. They have no duty nor responsibility to sell it to us and have the right to charge any price they want, that awesome product the make is theirs to do with as they please(insert normal cant kill me with it clause here). There has never been a monopoly not based on government force that has ever acted in the manner you describe that has not resulted in its own destruction. We have nothing to fear from monopolies in a laissez faire economy
  11. The Space Shuttle program seems to fit the bill. Space shuttle program cost was around 200 billion dollars. I dont know what the return on investment is though.
  12. In my experience building codes have led to less safe buildings than they otherwise could be for the simple reason that minimum standards will mean almost everyone will build to the minimum. Even if building codes serve some purpose, that is only a pragmatic defense. Also by definition they cannot be a part of any laissez-faire system.
  13. The problems seem to be that they don't like the only non forceful remedy they have, not to stay in a building that they deem unsafe. Who decides what is safe or even safe enough? I think It should really be up to the building owner, the insurer and you the potential customer to make that determination. In the United States there exist a couple examples of private safety standards organizations, namely the UL for electrical appliances and SNELL for motorcycle helmets. One of the ways Movie Theaters competed in the early days was to advertise that they had Air-conditioning. I could see an organization like SNELL or UL making fire safety standards and certifying that a building meets them. You want my business you better have the Fire Safety Corp plaque on your front door. No need for force.
  14. He defeats his own argument with that quote, as he acknowledges that they are in fact in competition with other entities in the marketplace. Why is this a problem? I would say that electric wires run to your house is just one method of delivering energy, there are many alternatives that would be in competition with that method of delivering energy, alternatives technologies like solar power and wind. Even natural gas combined with fuel cell technology could compete. People could also explore alternatives like purchasing less power by building more energy efficient homes and business. Large user like manufacturing could go back to producing there own like they used to.
  15. The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet After Boeing lost the bid to build the C-5 they turned there attention back to the civilian market and convinced Pan-Am to go in with them to develop what would become the 747. The 747 design was not the same that Boeing pitched to the USAF that design had a highwing configuration. Passengers 452 MTOW 735,000 lb Range 7,900 SM I flew in One of these as a kid that was operated by the Flying Tigers Airlines, we flew from LA to Okinawa, I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. During the flight I was allowed in the cockpit and the copilot let me sit in the seat, spectacular.
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