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  1. Leisure should be a reward for productive activity. I work approximately 50 hours a week (give or take) eight months of the year, so I take advantage of the summer months which are generally less stressful and do not have significant deadlines. That times off is a both a reward for what I've accomplished the previous few months and some time to recharge for the next cycle. If you work hard and achieve a goal, your mind needs time to recharge and focus on things. I find that reviewing work on Fridays, for example, is a huge waste of time. Instead, I generally perform my admin work on F
  2. Not a fan. We need a team to dismantle these bankrupting social welfare programs, not sustain or "tweak" them. I might be dreaming, but it's difficult to get excited. Ryan is also not a fan of right-wing libertarian politics or ideals and he's gone out of his way to say that.
  3. Obama, but only if the republicans can take the majority in the Senate and continue gains in the House. This would clear the way for Chris Christie and super majorities in 2016 and a true right-wing revolution.
  4. Ron Paul runs into the same problems that other conservative Xtains have. I don't know the man, but I know his views but his faith-based philosophy leads to contradictions in his politics. He's more like that crazy uncle you see once a year at Thanksgiving than a serious politician or, god forbid, president. Saying that, Johnson is the only small-L libertarian in the presidential race. While I would support him, his lack of visibility doesn't make him a serious candidate either.
  5. Didn't really enjoy it. Think it does damage
  6. Anyone going to see the movie in NYC tomorrow night?
  7. A couple take-aways: Politically, libertarians are inept. If his father campaigned away from the Iraq war and "empire" (which were a non-issues to the American public in 2008) and more toward economic issues he would have had more support. Rand is having his "Ron Paul vs. Giuliani debate" moment now. Remember when the GOP base attacked Ron Paul after he purportedly blamed the US for the 9/11 attacks in the debates? Even if he was right, it's not smart move against Rudy. Philosophically, libertarians are inept. Instead of bring up the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its flaws, Rand shou
  8. I think it's important to separate the right for a woman to have an abortion and the actual federal funding for women to get abortions. As with any health care procedure, one should have the right to pursue the procedure so long as it's on their own dime. I oppose federal funding of abortion just as I oppose federal funding for breast cancer research or AIDS/HIV drugs for derelicts in the inner cities.
  9. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/01/books/re...irsch-t.html?em Kirsch's article is more of a personal attack on Ayn Rand than anything. It doesn't address the philosophy of Objectivism which I wouldn't expect anyone writing for the New Republic to be a fan of. Read for yourself.
  10. Just finishing it up myself. For its historical context of religion, it's really good. It's difficult to believe how the religious can defend the history of faith with honesty. However, I have the same takeaways as others in this thread. Otherwise good people are forced toward religion because they associate atheism with amorality and immorality. Without fleshing out a positive morality for atheism, individuals will continue not to trust the irreligious.
  11. Yea, but it's not just Barack and Michelle pushing the service message. It's a big thing on the Republican thing too (Powell, Bush Sr. come to mind). I actually don't mind them talking about service so long as government force isn't used to coerce me into serving others. Obama is just a parody of the culture that elected him. The popular philosophy in the United States is the Judeo-Christian mindset (nevermind the atrocious term) which preaches service/altruism to its followers. He's only speaking to the culture, that's all. However, at the end of the day, how many A&M students a
  12. Ultimately if there were no SEC or regulations governing markets investors would develop alternative systems to judging investments that are probably more effective. As an auditor, I believe that public companies would have more flexibility in their reporting which is ultimately judged by the market. At the end of the day, markets would balance as individuals would be able to balance the risks of material misstatement as this is now judged by the (corrupt) Big-4 accounting firms and the (corrupt) government.
  13. I agree with the above post. Say I am an auditor at a public company with access to draft financial statements. If I call my trader buddy at Citibank and give him numbers ahead of the market that would be unethical as well as a civil and criminal act because I am entrusted with this confidential information. He can profit potentially millions of dollars and if all I risk is losing my job, that would not be enough of a deterrent. That is why I never understood the arguments against insider trading laws because I believe that individuals like myself should not be able to profit asymmetric
  14. I personally like the ING Sharebuilder. So long as you have earned income, you can open a tax sheltered IRA. Or, if you pay little to no federal income taxes, a Roth IRA which is funded with post-tax earning may be a better bet. Just hope the government doesn't change its mind in the future about the taxes With Sharebuilder, you have automatic deductions from your checking account (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly) which are directed into investments of your choice. For $12/mo, you get 6 "transactions" which isn't bad when you consider that discount brokers charge $15-25 a trade. With
  15. Here is an except from a letter I wrote my Congressman this weekend:
  16. What is that small football field to the right of the stadium? Kudos to Jerry Jones on the private financing. As a Giants fan I always love the rivalry with the Cowboys and respect the franchise.
  17. Something is missing from the thread. It is alleged that this is retaliation against the boy for choosing a rival team to play for. It seems that the corrupt officials were trying to take the boy down for this reason, not really his ability. It's a sad case nonetheless.
  18. I have a PS3 and a Wii. I bought the PS3 for GTA4 and then got MGS. Man, am I terrible at video games My g/f wouldn't play the PS3 so I bought us the Wii. After a few games we gave up on the Wii in frustration and boredom (I don't know why it's so appealing). Probably going to sell it soon before the supply increases.
  19. Oh Zeus. Whenever I see these threads I think of the libertarians promoting child molestation
  20. Interestingly, on the date in question Michael Savage compared himself to Atlas, the man who was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He said he couldn't stand the pressures anymore and was thinking about "shrugging". Just thought it was an interesting reference.
  21. I have to think twice about any government action with the word "fair" in it More seriously, it's not only liberals that are for the fairness doctrine, but also party-line Republicans that want to muzzle criticism from con-talk. Anyways, a good intellectually honest and simulating talk host will always present all sides of the topic, advocate a side and let people debate. But the government shouldn't force hosts to do that.
  22. This topic was brought up on CapMag recently by Dr. Sowell. Certainly autism exists. I've seen it. But I also have to agree that it's a great way for special-ed teachers to milk the system and parents to get extra funding for educational needs. I also have to question Autism Speaks' statistic that 1 in 150 individuals is diagnosed with autism. I think the figures are overblown to fearmonger adults that their children have a significant chance of being born autistic. I dunno... It should also be known that Media Matters and Michael Savage have traded blows before. I would read Med
  23. It's a combination of many things, but it certainly isn't the repression of the lower-class by the capitalists. It sounds good in a college classroom, but that's all. Right now the markets are in turmoil and I think it starts with the dollar and inflation. Plus, all the synergies that don't fit in the finance models (the "noise") are really pulling the markets down. Margin calls, the weak dollar, unfunded liabilities of the US government, low yields, uncertainty, liquidity, commodities speculation (including gold, silver), looming inflation, an incompetent Fed chief, state government s
  24. Ah, the Goldies. Don't let me get started I'll probably send my $600 "refund" to my Roth IRA.
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