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  1. I read this book about a month ago, and it is the best science book I've ever read. It makes crystal clear the nature of induction and how to think and solve problems inductively. One of the clever insights is the concept of "conceptual framework", which is the knowledge you have acquired in a subject matter. This framework leads you to look for missing pieces to a puzzle, e.g. Ben Franklin could only have considered that lightening was electricity because of his extensive and deep knowledge of electricity. This is what led him to do the experiment to see if this was so. I plan on employing these ideas in some of my work, but I'll have to reread to refresh my mind on a few things. This is absolutely a revolutionary book that makes more clear than I've ever seen how to do science.
  2. That's a great story. And, btw, OSHA has had no positive effect on safety in the work place. A guy studied the numbers several years ago and wrote a book showing how there had been no significant reduction in work place deaths or injuries with OSHA. But it certainly has added tons of red tape and costs. Sorry, I don't recall the title of the book or the name of the author.
  3. So, this is off limits: Leftists want to remove all value from the world, so that we live in a bland, decaying cardboard world full of terrorists. Who is attracted to that?????
  4. Well, from what I've seen he has achieved quite a bit. From Rush Limbaugh's show Tuesday: Not too shabby.
  5. She didn't say that. What she said was that man's life is the standard, i.e. man-qua-man. This means that man "the rational animal" is the standard. Your life is the highest value, but the standard you live by is the standard of man the rational animal. Have you read the Virtue of Selfishness? It's explained right there and it's not arbitrary. One thing that really gets me about some people is they think everything is a matter of opinion. Objectivism is not a matter of opinion. It's the result of where the facts take you. It's reality that has to be looked at to identify what morality is and why we need it. So anyone who is "outraged" by this is being irrational.
  6. Most of the world media is pretty useless and non-objective. So, I don't think convincing them should be the goal.
  7. Exactly how I see it. The best ideas will win out, so the more we spread the good ideas the better. And, to be sure, it's even in Glenn Beck's best interest for Objectivism to spread, because the ideas work for life on earth.
  8. It's not a good idea to get involved in the fray, but it's reasonable to leave a solid rebuttal to spurious claims, because you never know who is lurking. It's worth while to show that there are people out there who are proud to uphold Objectivist ideas and who will and can defend them.
  9. Another beauty is Jane Seymour. When it comes to eye candy, she's one of my all time favorites.
  10. The idiot who claims capitalism is the reason for our economic problems needs to be countered.
  11. Dennis Prager pushing God, altruism and attacking selfishness. You just have to listen to the first answer, which lasts only until 2'41". This clip has over half a million views in about two weeks time, so it's popular among Conservatives. Really quite bad. He hasn't learned anything and he was turned off by Ayn Rand according to another clip on youtube, so he allegedly has knowledge of better ideas. To be sure, there are some good points in the answers he gives, but they are overwhelmed by the bad. Rush Limbaugh is worlds ahead of this guy. Rush is probably the best popular conservative commentator out there.
  12. Yeah, it's a function of how comfortable you would be with it when it comes to the context of a relationship. I fully understand your point. I don't think there is a hard and fast moral boundary here.
  13. They make their videos available free for a period of time, after which you have to pay. I saw this one about a week ago.
  14. When choosing a career, it's good to challenge yourself and do what you love, that way you get more out of it. If someone wants to be a stripper it might be able to fulfill those ends. If it's being done as a job only, I don't see the problem with that. I love this girl, and this is her passion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krdL38jPCkw...feature=related
  15. I just recalled the "Contract From America" and it rather solidly supports your point. http://www.thecontract.org/the-contract-from-america/ I think the elements in that contract were voted on by lots of Tea Party members and placed in the contract.
  16. I've seen evidence that Sarah Palin is not all that popular. They had a poll of possible candidates for Tea Party people a few months ago, and she was not that high up. I've also heard many people turning against her. I used to have some respect for her, but the more I learned the less I had and now I don't like her. As you learn about people things change. Sarah Palin was an unknown when she came on the scene two years ago. Still, I could be wrong on this, but I don't think it's all that obvious. I don't think you're assessing the Tea Party movement right for the reasons I mentioned in my prior posting. George Bush isn't as extreme as John Kerry by a long shot. He does have the religious elements in his thinking that don't help, however.
  17. Yeah, many of the republicans are, but the democrats are hippies on steroids. Just think of John Kerry as your classic example.
  18. How popular is Sarah Palin? I get the impression it's over blown. Most of the Tea Party movement is inspired by a proper, righteous anger over loss of freedoms.
  19. I agree. If anything the hippies are the democrats running government today, i.e. running us into the ground.
  20. Well, not really. Most of them are no longer living, unless we want to go along with the collective guilt mantra they are pushing.
  21. I think that ship has sailed. He revealed himself as a lost soul this year with the hope and faith mantra.
  22. Primitive tribes operate by superstition, which means a religion of sorts. They do very irrational things, because they don't have an objective epistemology. They probably are not systematically totalitarian like more modern ideologies, and I'm sure that some primitive tribes had better and more real world ideas than others, but you probably could only gain freedom by becoming a lone wolf. I'm sure there was killing within tribes for power. Even families fight over power if they are sufficiently irrational.
  23. There is a course on grammar that was given by Peikoff decades ago. It's available here: http://www.aynrandbookstore2.com/prodinfo.asp?number=LP05M Pretty hefty price tag, though.
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