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Wizards Eleventh Rule

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For those that have read Book 11 of the SOT series, Confessor it would be kind of hard to not notice that Wizards Eleventh Rule was not explicity stated. There is a lot of debate I gather as to whether the book stated the rule at all. I beleive that it did, specifically that Richard at least paraphrased it in the speech at the end.

This Wiiepedia article about Confessor lists at the bottom what it beleives the Eleventh Rule is. It pretty much confers with what I thought it was (I thought it to be a little shorter, not including quite as many of the earlier sentences listed in the Wikipedia article). But the last two sentences are really the essence. Ie =>

Life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

Now I was wondering if anyone else had any theories as to whether Terry was trying to sneak in the Rule there without stating it blatently and this is it, or something else. Or if you think it was something else but its still unspoken :smartass:. Personally I think it is it, it would certaintly be the most important of the Wixards Rule and even more centrel than even the Sixth Rule is meant to be. Also given the apparentl history of the world described in the series, it is a rule that would be very much unspoken as few people seem to have realised it or heeded the Rules warning.

The Sixth Rule is along the lines of:

The only sovereign I can allow to rule me is reason
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