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RightNetwork, a new television network

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A new television network called "RightNetwork", founded by the capitalist actor Kelsey Grammer, is scheduled to go live this summer. The network is owned by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb88qt1XTsI, co-founder of the Ayn Rand Institute. The Tea Party media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart of BigGovernment.com will be the largest contributor. The network will obviously be closely affiliated with the grassroots Tea Party Movement. It will, among other things, feature a reality series about Tea Party candidates running for office.

Visit the RightNetwork website to get a preview.

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Sounds like fiscal conservatism strictly to me, but I expect them to sanction a lot of bad people. Kelsey Grammar 'ight, though.
I'm not familiar with Kelsey Grammar's politics, but if we can get a decade where the non-religious fiscal conservatives gradually peel themselves away as a distinct voting bloc, perhaps the GOP might see that they should drop the looney groups that Reagan kow-towed to, and which now wag the dog.

I have a dream... ... that one day the GOP will be distancing themselves from Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, saying something like "we welcome their votes, but not their religious values".

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Judging by some of the trailers, it looks like they're sanctioning the typical conservative ideas that Fox already promotes. I'll reserve full judgement for the time being (its possible they will give time to all sides of the right and are just leaning on the republican conservatives right now to generate mainstream interest) but for now I remain skeptical that this is going to give any voice to anything close to reason.

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If they can at least feature shows where the guests and commenter speak to each other like human beings I'd likely watch it. I really loathe the screaming and talking over one another O'Reilley type ridiculousness that Fox as well as MSNBC etc. has excelled at. I want to see adults speaking to the audience like they have a brain. Make it happen please.

Edit: Wow. The shows they feature look painfully bad to watch.

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