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Huff Po writer claims self defense with a firearm is wrong

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In a Huff Po piece dated 4/26, blogger Justin Curmi writes the following:


The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial. Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights.

Further down he also writes:


Therefore, if we ponder and meditate on the recent events in news about guns, it would be obvious that the current state is incorrect. A gun for civilians is a weapon for a revolution and not for ordinary use. The belief that a gun is a useful tool to protect one is counterintuitive because guns get into the hands of people who use them for horrible reasons.

The writer here is implying it is wrong to kill your attacker because he has a right to stand trial and cannot do so if he's dead.  Of course one can kill one's attacker without a gun as well as with a gun so the gun part isn't really the issue here.  If I'm defending myself, my first priority is my survival, not my attacker's survival.  My attacker is the cause of the conflict so he has to be the responsible party in all ways.  If he's killed, that's his fault, not mine.  Agree or disagree?  

Secondly, how is a gun a useless tool of protection because some people will use them for horrible reasons?  If I use a gun successfully to defend my life, the fact that another person somewhere used a gun to commit some crime is irrelevant.  

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