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C & C: Coronavirus #4

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America’s Never-Ending Battle Against Flesh-Eating Worms

For untold millennia, screwworms were a grisly fact of life in the Americas. In the 1950s, however, U.S. ranchers began to envision a new status quo. They dared to dream of an entire country free of screwworms. At their urging, the United States Department of Agriculture undertook what would ultimately become an immense, multidecade effort to wipe out the screwworms, first in the U.S. and then in Mexico and Central America—all the way down to the narrow strip of land that is the Isthmus of Panama. The eradication was a resounding success. But the story does not end there. Containing a disease is one thing. Keeping it contained is another thing entirely, as the coronavirus pandemic is now so dramatically demonstrating.

Other than the cited reference, the article is not about the CoViD-19, but may be of interest in outlining many nuances of an ongoing effort to keep a different type of epidemic at bay.

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A Judge Rules Against Stay At Home Order: 'People Are Not Being Governed, They Are Being Ruled'

Opening remark to article:

A  judge ruling against Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s stay-at-home order broke down point-by-point why he believes the order has devolved into “insanity.

While 'opinion' may not be entirely ruled out of an article, there are a few that tend to minimize the effect better than others.

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