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Contracts and government controls

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As a door to door salesperson, I deal with contracts on a daily basis. One of the most annoying aspects of the process is dealing with what is called "buyers remorse." Buyers remorse itself isn't that bad, what is devastating is that the government requires a three day cancelation period for products above a certain price (i don't know what the price is, but the Kirby, costing $1895 is in that range). Now what happens is our salespeople demonstrate these home care systems in the buyers home which takes an average of 1 and a half hours (plus gas and giftcards and carpet shampoo) and the people decide to buy, the contract is signed, we leave a machine with them and then leave. What happens is sometimes people "buy" the thing and clean like hell with it for three days and then because of regulations the can legally forfeit the payments of have their money returned, and we get back a used dirty machine.

Contracts should be final. If there is a cancelation period it should be at the producers will, not the governments.

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I'll agree to that only if the government also grants me the right to put up a NO SOLICITORS sign and shoot any vacuum cleaner salesmen on sight. 

Then however would clean up the mess???? (you would probably have to lure him inside your house first since urban legend has it that in the laws eyes murder becomes self defense once he walks in the door of your house)

I suppose you could use your "remorse period" to clean up the blood too

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