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Ayn Rand's Egoism: Theory and Analysis

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Here is another article regarding Ayn Rand's ethical theory by two Iranians. It isn't a screed and is mostly fair.

I don't like their label "ego-altruism" for their blend of egoism and altruism. I more like mutualism, which Henry Hazlitt used for his blend of egoism and altruism. Hazlitt coined "egaltruism" for the same concept, but liked mutualism more. (https://www.hazlitt.org/e-texts/morality/ch13.html).

While the authors gave examples of P1 acting for the benefit of P2 or P2...Pn, such as when the latter are friends or teammates, I believe there are stronger ones, e.g. P1's kin, co-workers, or business partner. These more stronger illustrate mutualism when P1's goal and the goal(s) of P2...Pn are the same or mutually beneficial. 

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