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  1. I like the voluntary lottery system. It seems to me that, that is a "trader system" rather than a complusion system
  2. How about this. Everyone will finnance government services by paying a 1~3% voluntary contribution on purchases of goods and services. No state tax (the government collects all the contributions and would distribute it to the states on an equal basis). Your choice in the matter is like at Wal-Mart when they ask do you want to contribute the charity of the moment. You can say "No" so it would not be automatic. This way it would not be called a "fair tax" but a "voluntary tax" 33 million citizens (give or take) paying 1~3 % would be enough to finnance any government. In times of emergency Congr
  3. "Sending a small amount of their salary to government" isn't that just the same as "income taxation even if it's a smaller amount? As hard as it would be to implement, no amount should come out of your paycheck every week if so wouldn't that imply that the government still holds a gun to our head?
  4. In a wider scope, you are absolutely right, however I was using government in this case to refer to local administrations like police, EMT, and public utilities. Your right, I should have made that clearer.
  5. Taxing The Income Taxers Understanding The Nature ofTaxes! The view that a government any government ( or any administration for that matter) has the right of unlimited power over its citizens is called by various names, (most often referred to as republicanism, fascism, communism, totalitarianism and other particular unlimited ism’s) but it is mostly and widely referred to as statism. The difference between all these are only in their form and nature of its forced and self appointed legal absolutism over its citizens. Statism denotes an all powerful political expression of joined
  6. Of course what you say is valid......I was just making a funny! Must we Objectivists always be devoid of humor?
  7. If the Democrats are so smart how come they have a "Jackass" as a symbol and why is it that the Republicans have an "elephant" as a symbol and forgotton how to rule!
  8. Political Factions: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Psychiatrists usually equate good mental health in decision making with proper and prudent understanding of the decision (s) required, knowledge of the decision (s) complexity, discussions with confidents and above all honest rational thinking. Only then psychiatrists say can the proper decision (s) be made. Notice however that most elected officials nowadays decision making are based on range of the moment expediency, whim, intuition and/or false reasoning. For example, if a bridge is to be built or replaced in your town, do elected off
  9. When I was young (now 67) I worked very hard to afford to live. From my first job at 16 I was required to pay my parents $25.00 a week for my food and shelter ( I was making only $45 a week back then). My father was on Social Security which I did nit begrudge him, he earned it by his own hard work. When I volunteered for Vietnam at 18 the Air Force payed me only $400 a month. I sent $100.00 home every moth for three years to be able to afford my own car and apartment. It was hard but I stuck to it. When I first came home and delayed marriage until I was 27 (having saved a 20 percent down payme
  10. In discussing politics, you may have heard the word “morality” or more specifically “ethics” discussed. What you may not remember or know is how you exactly define these words. In our short discussion here we will used “morality” and “ethics” interchangeably since they essentially mean the same thing. Ethics are actions, values or goals one chooses as guidance in decision making. Decisions are made every day from the simplest like choosing which ice cream flavor to consume today, to the more complex as in whom should I vote for, weather Alderman, Council Member, City Manager, Mayor, Gove
  11. MisterSwig $ cBh, I couldn't have said it better myself....Bravo!!!!! We truly have hope as people like us voice our objections to the growing nonsense of the alt-left!!!
  12. Bertrand Russell ( 1872 -1970 ) famed British mathematician and philosopher once remarked to a large lecture audience at Cambridge that “....nobody can be certain of anything!” contrary to his insistence on previous occasions that mathematical knowledge was a certain and a provable science. He wasn't being funny. He of course was being very serious. How his epistamology changed we can only speculate but his lecture did proclaim to the whole world that no absolutes can exist, the tree you see or the car you drive or the meal you eat is not real, forgetting substanuously and unknowingly that he
  13. Yes I remember that. Wasn't one owner a widow ( I believe she was the defendant in the case) and didn't want to move under any circumstance?
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