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  1. Right but you agree that IQ is an example of genetics influencing human behaviour? Do you know of any Objectivist writings on evolutionary psychology? This is a burgeoning field and I think Objectivists are too dismissive of 'hard wired' biological biases in human behaviour. As we've agreed, it doesn't mean incompatibility with Objectivism. Reality is what it is. That is what an Objectivist seeks to know. It actually doesn't. The study found that 52% disagreed that homosexuality should be legal while only 18% agreed. But does it matter? 52% is huge compared to the population at la
  2. Because they grow up under the influence of their parents and the surrounding community which is dominated by Islam, and in many cases this includes the Islamic schools they go to. So it isn't just the home, though the home alone is a significant influence. Their lives predominantly exist inside these communities, which revolves around the local mosque, which is a significant influence too, local muslim run businesses, restaurants, shisha bars etc which dominate the street and they do it surrounded by fellow Muslims, who also form their friendship groups. Have you ever visited one of thes
  3. Thanks. Rand revised and expanded on Aristotle. I'm not saying it necessarily has to still be called Objectivism. It depends how big the changes are. I agree. The problem is very few people choose to think, to be rational, and even among those who attempt it, there is fierce disagreement. We know that it takes a deliberate, conscious effort to focus and think rationally, which can be a draining process, and most people simply 'go with the grain' so to speak, meaning to avoid the burden of thinking for oneself in large areas of their lives and having faith in established patterns o
  4. Agreed. There is more than enough evidence to conclude that culture can be transplanted from one people to another, including from one race to another. Thomas Sowell's example of black American ghetto culture originating with white southern rednecks who came from Scotland and Ireland is a good one. Another good example is the increase in the ethnic minority vote for Trump. On the other hand, we know the transplantation is a very slow process. The ethnic minority vote for Trump was still only a very small percentage of the total ethnic minority vote, despite the increase. So, if
  5. I appreciate the sentiment but letting others manage themselves means my rights being severely restricted. That is the current state of affairs. Please do share it. Yes, as a temporary step, do you support the 'infiltration' of the education system? If we cannot privatise it currently, the least we can do is wrestle it back off the leftists. Great advice. I'm all for self-improvement and I'm a big fan of motivational speakers.
  6. I assume this is sarcasm? Please could you be more specific about the point you are making? I am referring to the politics of entire countries, not a small group of Objectivists practicing Objectivist politics in a valley. I cannot do what I want here in the UK. My rights are severely restricted.
  7. You've touched on one of my ongoing issues with Objectivism here. I am concerned that the philosophy leaves insufficent room for the complicated nature of psychology and how the subconscious and/or genetics/biological processes affects decision making/human behaviour. You may have noticed I posted another question asking for any Objectivist writings on heuristics. If my concern is misplaced, please could you or anyone explain why? Sexual attraction is a good one. The Objectivist position on this has changed over time. Before, homosexuality was simply a case of holding the wrong
  8. Because the political application of the philosophy depends on what the majority think. I agree. But what about the cultural impact. The anti-freedom mystics are already breeding at a much faster rate than even the consequentialist freedom lovers, let alone the rights based ones. Importing more anti-freedom mystics in their droves gives a free society little chance of survival does it not? Which complicated issues come to mind? Perhaps biology related ones?
  9. The politics will only be fixed though if the moral aspects are successfully implemented by a significant portion of the population. That’s the issue. How do we reach that stage? Please could you put forward your Objectivist case against open borders? I’d love to hear it. My biggest fear regarding open borders is not the welfare state related arguments but the cultural impact and potential instability resulting from a multiracial/cultural society. I do not see how a free society can survive the cultural onslaught that would come from Arab and Asian nations in particular.
  10. I am semi-convinced by the philosophy and I keep coming back to it because I support its fundamental premises regarding metaphysics and epistemology. Ultimately, all with have is our minds and our senses to know reality. I get that. However, what is an Objectivist to do when the vast majority of people refuse to think, refuse to exercise reason? So my problems are more with the applicability and practicality of Objectivism on the macro scale in the real world. Take mass immigration and/or open borders. It is obvious that open borders today would destroy western civi
  11. I’m interested in learning how Objectivists approach the topic of heuristics, since it is used by critics of reason to downplay or invalidate reason.
  12. The Objectivist definition of a value is “that which one acts to gain and or keep”. However, one must first identify that which one would like to gain before one can act to gain it. If one wants to live, one must eat food. The food must be recognised as valuable before action is taken to gain it. But the Objectivist definition implies the food only becomes valuable during the action and not before. If this is the case, what motivates the initial action if the food is not perceived as valuable prior to action taken to gain it?
  13. My apologies, you’re right, it was unnecessarily confusing. I’m in agreement here, though I would say the psychological limitations are ultimately biological limitations and I want to stress that my concern here is the expression of these limitations as an average since these limitations will be different for different people. Yes ultimately the homosexual has to take action on the sexual desires himself so his decision has the final say. But the decision to act or not to act is affected by the biological factors in the sense that the homosexual desires are acting
  14. Good point about technology and thank you - I’m glad someone else here appreciates this issue.
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