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    Reading, writing, listening to music, art, internet, pets, ANIME!, becoming an evil genuis, and of course COOKIES!!!!!!!!<br /><br />Quotes:<br />MMMM Donuts! ~Trigun<br /><br />"Because I hate to see ability being wasted!<br />He said slowly, intently, "So do I." ~Atlas Shrugged
  1. Heyyo, I am currently looking for quotes pertaining to independence, freedom and capitalism. If you have any post them here please.
  2. You can try to explain to them the difference between the two. You can ask them whether they want to be dependant and have no control of their life, or if they want to have control and be free by their own will. If you ask questions like that it makes people think instead of making them think that your just trying to lecture them. Also keep in mind if its a new idea people will usually listen more. Some people get bored of hearing the same thing and when they hear a new idea it perks up their ears.
  3. Someone already said Equilibium and Batman Begins (I love that movie!) Also Seabiscuit is another movie that comes to mind. A movie where the main characters strive to become their best despite not being the "normal" type of person (or horse, haha.) A jockey too big, a trainer too old, a horse too small and not the perfect breed and plenty of broken bones. Yet they all created their own acheivements, yayz!
  4. I really liked what you said about the red slashes. I was actually thinking about that when I was thinking about her..lets call it..philosophy? I see red slashes as a mean to improve, like stair steps or a tiny challenge.
  5. Heyyo. Last Friday I went to my first day at a home school speech and debate class. There I found out that the teacher doesn't believe in constructive critisism. That we could only tell the speaker what we liked about his/her speech, but not what they needed to improve. In only pointing out what is good in my speech, gestures, voice she is crippling me from the real world. Now even though I'm only in high school, I know full well that in the real world the person with a whispering voice does not get the job, sell the product or win the debate. I know that in order to become a better speaker I
  6. I compleately agree with you. I have seen what happens when a teacher is relaxed when it comes to the rules of the classroom. More and more kids see that they can get away with situations such as cussing, and as a result the class gets out of hand. Thus, kids like me who actually want to learn get their time wasted. As for people's excuses that telling them to stop doesn't work: it's a lie. When a teacher is strict enough they do stop. Maybe not all of them, but almost all of them will.
  7. Barbara Boxer !!!!!! As well as the others that have been named, with the exceptions of Sean Hannity and Scalia.
  8. Yay I'm happy, people replied.lol Well to answer your questions I recommend it to anyone who loves to expand the mind. With homeschooling you have control of what you learn and how you learn. You can stay home or take classes (whether with other homechoolers or even college), or both. What I love about it is the control I have over my mind and not having to hear other students gripe about school being too hard. The one disavantage is sometimes you have to converse with other children who have been sheltered by their parents and therefore have no sense of reality or are fearful. As for
  9. Well apparently there is nobody...so if you want to discuss about homeschooling reply here. This post is really lonely
  10. Heyyo, I am currently a novice and I am looking for other people who are objectivist homeschoolers like me. Well I was homeschooled, then went to public (8th-10th), now I'm homeschooling this year. It sure feels good to be free! Reply back!
  11. I think it could be the combination of three things: 1. Many of them didn't understand the philosophy like what Pony Girl said 2. Around your 20's people usually get busier with jobs, kids and such. So they probably FIGURE they don't have time to talk to people. 3. Absorbed what they wanted to learn about objectivism and then moved on The third one is a lot like me. I usually research a subject for a while, then I want to learn about something else. I retain information and lessons very well. So it could be that younger people are researching philosophy around this time then go off on
  12. What does it matter what objectivism says about that kind of school. It seems to me that if it helped her then it really doesn't matter what objectivism says about it (if it even does.) Of course you can try and find out why and how it helped, but I really don't think Ayn Rand is the way to look. *By the way congrades on your sibling I hope she continues having a good life and that your parents can get the school back on its feet.
  13. Hey that was a pretty cool story. Thanks for telling it. I have met some pretty interesting hobos (especially downtown), but none as interesting as that. Even though almost all the hobos I meet I don't like because they're second handers Although I did meet one who was pretty cool and trying to turn his life around. Thanks again for the story.
  14. Honestly I am confused about what several of you have said about "rich dad, poor dad" author Kiyosaki. I don't really know his personal beliefs, however his book does bare a basic principal held by Ayn Rand. In his book he diassagrees with blaming the higher ups (employers, the rich, ext.) for your misfortunes, but instead urges readers to use their own minds to create their own opportunities. That sounds a lot like Rand if you ask me. Even if he is an anti-Rand person his book does hold several resemblances to objectivism teachings.
  15. If we're talking about celebrities- That Vigo guy from Lord of the Rings and Hidalgo. I like rough looking men cause I believe it symbolizes toughness. I hate GQ cutey boys_like Orlanda Bloom
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