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  1. Yup, that's an A-10. I had that picture taken over 7 years ago, when I was still going through my technical training school.
  2. I'm from Westland, MI. I used to work at the Detroit Yacht Club before I joined the service.
  3. He could have just been acting smart or clever to push the school system. He did mention that the teacher told them to write an essay on whatver came to mind. He mentioned that he was just following the teacher's instructions, but surely he knew what would happen in the wake of the Virginia Tech attacks. I, too believe that he should be evaluated.
  4. I thought that the movie was pretty disgusting, myself. However, it did portray consequenses of the values that tyler's minions were trained to covet.
  5. Pardon me for being a little lazy, but I didn't go through all of the posts. Didn't Ms. Rand mention something in one of her works towards the effect of a government lottery. I believe that I read that that contribution would be the most beneficial towards the government. As far as our government goes. I could be stating the same that has been stated, but, Objectivism does not call for liberalism, or anarchy. Capitalism has rights and laws that need to be protected in order to succeed. Yes we would have the most freedom, but those freedoms would have to be protected, and the protection would have to be funded by some way, shape, or form. I also believe that the way those aspects of the government would be funded would be up to the people, however it would never be in a way forceful such as taxes. Now as far as how they would be funded: that is the question at hand.
  6. No thanks necessary. I should be thanking you. You're paying me for my service. In realizing that, I try to do the best possible job that I can do. Far too many people sit on their butts over here, while you are forcefully required by law to pay our salary. I'm actuall in charge of a handful of airman, who pretty much agree with my views. I volunteer for asignments in Iraq or Afganistan which I feel will help our nation out the most (to my wife's dismay).
  7. I believe also that Ayn Rand herself stated in one of her works that who you value in a relationship should have equal values in turn. Such as a thief will not see value in becoming close to a police officer. However, there is one thing that you have to realize as well. You can be independent and have a relationship with someone. What's more is if you get into a relationship with a person who is independent as well. I got married to one of the most independent women that I've ever met. This also holds true to friendships. This pretty much holds true for close personal relationships (such as marriage) to friendship. Now the other question that usually arises is: Is it necessary? The answer is no. it's not a requirement. However, never think that it is a bad thing if you find someone you love, or enjoy the companionship that shares your views and values. While you don't absolutely have to have it. It doesn't mean that you can't have it or that it's a bad thing. Sorry for the short, or even moreso vague post. I've been awhile (over a year since I've posted here). I hope this helps.
  8. Hello Everyone, I sent one of these out a year ago-- two years after I joined this forum. I haven't had a chance to post in the past year. I've been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the course of the last 12 months. This site forum has drastically changed from when I first joined. It would appear that most have more freedom on the board to post their own blogs. Anyhow, I look forward once again to posting on this site. It was fun when I was here before, and I'm sure, that it will be fun once again. About me: I've been in the Air Force for nearly 8 years. I'm currently stationed at Yokota AB, Japan with my beautiful wife Bobbilyn. We expect to have a son on the way in late June. I've been a reader, and supporter of Ayn Rand and Objectivism for over the course of the last ten years. I look forward to getting to know you all- along with your thoughts, opinions, and questions.
  9. Hello Everyone, I thought that it would be a good idea to re-introduce myself to the forum, as I haven't visited the site in over a year. I am in the military (still) and plan to remain in the military for a full twenty year obligation. I am currently residing in Korea (once again), and am going to Japan (once again), after my tour here is finished. A lot has happened since I last visited the forum. A six month deployment to hostile Afghanistan, took me away from the net. I proposed to my future wife 2 months ago. Things are-and have been going-extremely well for me. Enough of my rambling. It's good to see some familiar faces once again. And I look forward to discussing Objectivism with each and every one of you once again.
  10. I've been curious about something for some time now. I noticed that Wal-Mart is starting to get pretty big over in China. I've also done some research on where Wal-Mart acquires it's product from. I know the internet isn't always the most reliable source, but after searching numerous pages,( I just googled it) it seems that 95% of all products sold at Wal-Mart are made in China. If this is true, and China is getting fat off what we sell over here. Isn't that expanding their communist nation, and allowing for more expansion for certain areas, such as their military? I mean even selling 10% of Chinese merchandise would better their endeavors, wouldn't it? Thoughts? I hope I'm flawed in this and just jumping the gun.
  11. I guess from Betsy's definition, I'm not repressed then. I know what I want in life, and I pretty much have a favorite everything. I know that I'm a happy person. I just don't show it as much as others. I also haven't felt out of touch with my values.
  12. Thank you for bringing that up Bowser. I spent a long time looking at that last line, and I knew something didn't seem right with it. Thanks again.
  13. A chimp being able to utilize sign language does not make it volitional. It is a learned habbit. Animals can think and form extremely simple concepts. They do not have a choice in this matter. You are confusing the concept of volition with the concept of learning a skill. Animals can learn and be trained and conditioned to do many things. You ask what is going on when a chimp is communicating in sign language? How does a fully trained dog respond to it's owner when the owner tells is to "sit?" It sits, because it was taught to do so. A chimp will respond with an appropriate sign because it was taught that way. What would happen if a chimp was offered a new sign to learn? One that it has never seen before? I can look at some signs and pretty much figure out what they are just by to motion of the sign. I can also pretty much be told what the sign means once, and remember what it means for a long time. Do you think a chimp can? No, you have to repeat the meaning of the sign over and over until it is learned. If you could somehow prove that primitive animals have the faculty of volition, then I suppose Objectivism would have to validate the proof to see if it holds water. And if it does, I suppose it would have to embrace it as a valid concept.
  14. When I said that 'I desire to emulate no one.' I meant that in the sense that I don't want to be exactly like someone in the psychological sense. To admire someone for having values and achieving them to the fullest; I see no problem in emulating that. Take Howard Roark for example. I have no desire to pursue architecture. I know nothing of architecture, historically nor presently. What I like about Howard Roark is how he achieves his goals. If someone has a certain take on a certain concept or subject, I'll accept that answer only if it is logically sound and is proven. I don't just shake my head and agree with them solely out of admiration for the person. Nor do I blindly follow them or their every pattern of action. What they are saying or doing must make sense to me. To emulate someone else's desire of favorites or choice of values regardless of what the emulator feels and solely because the "emulatee" values those things is wrong. I've achieved my goals and continue to pursue grander ones by paying attention to the people I admire, and how they acheive those goals. Not by sharing favorites that I quietly disagree with or laughing because they laugh, or being quiet because they are quiet. I realize that their success comes not fromt how hard they laugh at any given thing, but how they simply achieve their goals.
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