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    Things I like: reading, writing, music, programming, beading (making jewelry), movies, drawing, philosophy, DDR, ultimate frisbee, ballroom dancing, apple (the company), photoshop, biking, this forum, google<br /><br /><br />Since it's somewhat cryptic, and because I've been asked, but mostly just because I want to, I'm going to explain my username.<br />Pronounciation: miss*ee*lee<br />Origin: I never had a nickname, while most of my friends did. One friend suggested creating one for myself. He also suggested trying to give it a hip-hop sound, since it was one of my favorite genres of music at the time. From that I got Missy Leigh (Leigh is my middle name) which I then contracted, and now use everywhere as my online name (except on deviantArt).

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  1. Greebo and Leonid, while my employer is required by law to provide some maternity leave, they voluntarily provide more than what is required by law. Thus, if I decide to return, I would have no qualms about accepting paid leave. They have many employee benefits above and beyond what is required, and I assume that these benefits are offered for the same reasons they pay a salary. Many women would not want to work for a company that had no provisions for maternity leave. (I do not think the gov't should force an employer to provide it, however. I'm not new here, although I haven't posted in a ve
  2. Hi Ben. I just found this thread. I'm interested in hearing how you're doing now, especially since I've been dealing with something that sounds very similar to the depression cycles you've had. How's the job search going?
  3. Hermes, you're setting up a false dichotomy. I believe that Objectivists frequently do both.
  4. Well, the title pretty much says it all. I have been with my company for a year and a half, and in 2 months I will either take (paid) maternity leave upon the birth of my daughter, or I may quit entirely. Part of the difficulty in this decision is that my husband and I are not yet certain that we will be financially stable without me working (that is the goal - my children will be my career) and so I may need to continue working here for some time anyway. But if we determine that I do not need to continue working, is it ethical to quit after taking my maternity leave? Financially, it means
  5. L-C, I'm pretty sure I was good starting material, despite the faith I had when younger. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this forum who was raised in a religious family. What do you think 'starting material' is? If they're already completely rational, then they're not starting down that road, are they? And if you won't argue with religious people about the existence of a god, then whom would you argue with?
  6. If all three of you consider this relationship a positive, I personally don't see anything wrong (self-destructive) with it. As for 'others' who disapprove, it might help if you, your wife, and your third keep in mind that others will be uncomfortable with the situation, and it is none of their business, so keeping it as quiet as possible may be of value; also, I recommend discussing those issues between the three of you as soon as they arise, rather than letting any negative comments fester. The negative opinions of others shouldn't (rationally) affect your relationship in any way. above al
  7. Actually I thought the movie did fairly well with the relationships. Ginny was portrayed as a much more efficacious person in the movie than in the book, I thought, since the book focused more on Harry's emotions, while the movie also showed some of the reasons for those emotions. I disagree that this relationship was silly; I also disagree that the relationship between Ron and Hermione was silly, as it showed the importance of introspection - recognizing you're in love with someone before learning it through pain, and doing something about that love once you do recognize it. I agree with t
  8. My sister has used a similar statement when arguing with socialists in the US: if you don't like it, go elsewhere. The main problem I see is the implications: it's not ok to do that here, but it's ok if you do it elsewhere. Any crime with jail time as a punishment (except the drug-related ones) is not ok elsewhere, either: so why hint that it is? It seems counter-productive. You may achieve the short-term goal of a society that respects the law, but you will not achieve one that respects individual rights, nor will you achieve a rights-respecting global society even if other countries parti
  9. I wasn't trying to say there is a conflict between what is good and what is moral. All I'm saying is that you determine the morality of an action by determining whether it's good, not the other way around; yet you're asking us if we think it is moral for you to continue a relationship, rather than asking for help in determining whether it will be good for you in the long run. As for the advice you're looking for, all I can do is tell you what I would do, and why. I would continue the relationship, because I prefer to have someone I care about around and see him get hurt sometimes and hopefu
  10. Personally, I would never put philosophy as a thing in itself ahead of the life I'm trying to live. It sounds to me like you're living your life in order to be in line with Objectivism, rather than following Objectivism with the goal of making your life better. The question, in your relationship, should not be 'is he Objectivist?' but rather something closer to 'will he make my life better in the long term?' There are many things besides philosophy that affect the answer to that question, and personally, I consider a person's explicit philosophy (if they have one) to be pretty low priority
  11. Part of the point of having a relationship, rather than getting married right away and promising to spend your entire life with someone, is to learn more about that person. Some couples learn enough about each other to make that major commitment in only a few months, others take many years. One can remain in the learning stage while still maintaining a healthy relationship, and if you are honest with your partner I don't see any harm in that. (Although others may disagree with me here.) I have never been able to love someone without trying the 'friends' stage first, and then dating for a wh
  12. miseleigh

    Unwanted gifts

    This is the way I would resolve the situation: take down the eBay page, and tell your ex-friend you've decided not to sell it. Create a new eBay account and sell it, put it on craigslist or amazon, or take out ads in the local paper, or post fliers. The item is yours, do what you like with it; dealing with harassment is not something you should put up with. Perhaps ask another friend to sell it for you if necessary to avoid harassment. It may help end the harassment if you say something like 'you're right, you gave me this item as a gift for me personally, and not for others to use/have/enjoy
  13. I really liked 'the girl who owned a city' when I was younger. A virus runs through the population that kills everyone over 15(ish), and for a while the kids riot and form gangs until one girl finds a fortress-like city and recruits other good kids who can be productive. They even get the power running again. I don't remember much more than that, but as I recall it had some good messages regarding productivity, self-defense, and rationality, among others.
  14. I hope it's ok for me to use this forum subset for this. I am somewhat proud of how I have been affecting those around me, and would like to share that pride with people I respect. (that would be others on this forum ) While there are several people in this world I truly love, there are four in particular who are around often enough for me to affect them, and for them to affect me. My parents, my sister, and my boyfriend. I shall start by describing the effects I've had on my parents' ways of thinking, then my sister's, and then my boyfriend's, since that's the order in which they personall
  15. One of the qualities I look for in my friends is the ability to have heated discussions over controversial topics, with neither person having to 'lose face'. One can only lose face in such a discussion if one's goal is something other than to learn the truth, and I have great difficulty retaining friendships with people if that isn't one of their goals. Partially because of this, I have few close friends. Not many people understand the difference between 'argue' and 'discuss' or 'debate'. One of my closest friends is an evangelical christian; when we argue, it is almost always a religious d
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