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    Traffic Laws

    I think its called nascar
  2. what about just being single in a bar and seeing someone who is just sexy looking with a good body and desiring them physically? Couldn't you just decide to respond to them with just lust as the connection? I have never had a "one night stand" because no one has impressed me enough in that short span of time to illicit desire in me for them because it is more than physical for me and they would have to be mentally sexy too, however, I don't think its immoral for someone who just wants to enjoy physical pleasure and knows thats what they have decided to do.
  3. On Halloween night my children then 10 &12 wanted to go out and egg and shaving creme the neighborhood with their friends. Gangs of 12- 20 kids all dressed in black would run around like hoodlums throwing eggs and menacing everyone. I refused to let my children do this and explained about personal property and boundaries. I accompanied them from house to house and had on scary movies later at home. That night, One of the kids even shaving cremed me as I answered the door , to which I brought him home to his parents for repremanding. To my surprise they were mad at ME for not being understanding that these kids were just," Boys being boys " and having fun ! They said I kidnapped their son because I drove him in my car. I got no support from that parent or any other parent that night. My son is still resentful about that night since he got flack in school, taunted and ridiculed. He thought I was wrong to bring that kid to his parents. He is 23 now. I tell him that boys parent should have taught him right from wrong. In my defense, the next year long island police put a ban on selling eggs and creme to minors 2-3 weeks before halloween and will fine the parents of any kids caught behaving in that manner.
  4. Yes, but i think you're the first one to say anything like this. Most posts on this topic are just anti environmentalists but don't offer an alternative solution. I just want to make sure I know that the contents of my food, air, soil, water and natural resources are safe. If a lot of people or maybe most people are not rational, what (objectivist approved) mechanism is in place to monitor or counter this values problem if we don't trust the agencies/government?
  5. What I don't understand is why it seems some objectivists want to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" when it comes to environmentalism? My friend is an environmetal engineer and he tests soil and ground water before a property can be sold. If petroleum or waste seeps into the ground at high and toxic levels, it is the responsibility of the owners to clean and treat that property and pay fines if necessary. I don't want some shmoe poisioning water that I have to drink. Does this make me an enviromentalist? Would any of you drink tap water from India?
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    I traveled throughout the U.S. after graduating from High school and must say Texas was my least favorite state. Most of the people were prejudice against blacks and latinos....and northerners. They WERE friendly and curious and asked about New Yorkers...like saying "are they really all nigger lovers?", showed their spirituality by saying, "we don't drink before 10 on Sundays" and were proud of things like, " my car looks a bit like the General Lee, don't it?" Granted, I stayed among "the people" but most of the "normal" goups I met were transient form other states. I returned to New York on a plane as fast as I could from Dallas Airport . Sorry Lone Star lovers...I hated it there.
  7. I think it gives John and Dagny control. Yeah, they are going to capture him and all BUT what they value is each other and whats important is how John wants the pleasure of seeing Dagny again and how she'll look and her pleasure knowing she's providing that for him. The "We never had to take any of this seriously" quote is demonstrated at that moment.
  8. This may be slightly off subject but first I agree with Jmegan that things like vechicle registration and the like could be eliminated. On this same subject, I recently bought a used jeep in a private exchange but had to pay taxes when I registered it at DMV. The money I used to purchase the car was taxed when i received my salary. The seller has to report this exchange as income and pay taxes. I would start the tax reduction in instances like this.
  9. thats so funny...I feel racist ish myself as I knew it was some Jewish last name...I hope you guys don't throw me off this web sight..lol
  10. My boyfriend who listened to the actual tapes said that Sid Berstein , who was also commenting on the womens basketball team...said first...those are some rough women...imus chimes in , "Yeah big rough women". Sid then says and tough ho's ( or something ho's) Only then did Imus chime in..yeah..nappy headed ho's. Both times he was responding to Sid's original comments. I'm curious as to why no mention of that comment from Sid in the press??
  11. No david, not tipping Me would lead to No service...
  12. Again, I totally agree with you here. I am the same way as a customer; I don't want to become friends with my server, I just want my meal served the way I've ordered it. As your waitress inspector its easy to identify someone by their manner who, doesn't expect conversation, knows what they want, and requires minimum interaction. I would be doing a good job if I RECOGNIZE that and faciliate that. If you came back to that restaurant and had a different server who didn't get it and made annoying small talk, you might request me next time because I was better able to provide the service you prefer. I might even remember you always get meat loaf on thursday and just say "the usual" to your 'yes" limiting your interaction to one word. (smile) would I get 15% then.
  13. I would have no problem receiving a 10% tip from you in those circumstances because it would require very little of my time and effort, as long as you didn't stay too long dawdling after you ate. There are restaurants where you can go pick up your own food called buffets or fast food style places.
  14. Thats funny and true...if anyone here decides to eat at a restaurant and not tip, I would suggest they never return to that place ever again.
  15. I have been a waitress for about 3 years now and I love the work I do because i feel that my earnings are directly related to my skills. When you eat out at a restaurant you are paying for the food you purchase which is a set price on the menu and a customary 15-20% fee for the order and delivery service aka waiter service. Someone is paid a minimal fee to wait on you and provide delivery of your meal and make your eating experience to your likening. If they do a great job ie; put just the requested amount of ice in your drink, make all the substitutions you requested perfectly done, pace your food delivery etc. they are doing more for you then the average customer and should be "tipped" or compensated for that extra work. I always give the best service possible, period. This is a personal value. You must remember that most of the customers are not objectivists. If they were, I would be rich since they would equate tip = service. I don't expect to get a good tip if I give lousy service. I wouldn't work at a restaurant that automatically includes a percentage on checks for waiters since it would reduce the advantage I have being a highly skilled worker. The challenge is to "earn" your tip. Thats what makes it fun for me, to put my skills to the test.
  16. I think Hillary Clinton might fall into this category. She is a shrewd, clever woman and very evil. She's extremely intelligent but continues to create policies to keep the american public in a passive, dependent position.
  17. I meant that some people could act immorally. I don't have the mindset of how this technology could be abused since I don't think that way, like you I see this as a good thing, but something like saying your baby is defective and you should abort it, even though its healthy, just for the research. Abortion clinics would become research clinics and maybe like drug trafficking there will be fetus trafficking. Something along that line. I don't think its wrong for anyone to make the right decision for themselves but Imagine how many crack addicts might start getting pregnant on purpose and selling their unborn for drug money.
  18. You would want to believe that laws would prevent misuse of new technology but its unlikely. Something like the internet provides amazing possibility. It also has child porn sites and clubs. Stem cell research and tecnology is amazing and could help so many people. How long do you think before there are baby farms...where poorer woman are paid to get pregnant or have abortions so companys can use their unborn for gain.
  19. Wouldn't playing the Cd at a party in my house be Private ie; private property? I would think public is more like a school dance or a group picnic ? And what if I was playing it with my windows open and the sounds drifted over the fence into my neighbors yard. Or if the UPS guy rings the bell when I'm playing my CD, do I have to shut it off first before answering the door? Could I really be fined or something? I think the issue is more about profit and/or hindering profit by your usage. Re the eggs issue...they might say scrambled only at Halloween.
  20. Here is my example of an ObJ oriented and non obj oriented dating scenerio. A woman wants to go shopping at the mall and wants her BF to go with her. She says this is a great way to spend time together. He doesn't like going to the mall and would rather go play basketball with his friends. Man 1 is seen sitting outside the dressing room of the gap looking miserable. Man 2 is playing basketball with his friends. Man 1 is dating a typical non obj woman who thinks sacrifice = love. Man 2 is dating an obj woman who would be insulted by a man spending time with her as a sacrifice. I have dated almost all non obj men because I had many hobbies and interests in common with them but everything always boiled down to the above issue. My bf now is an objectivist and its great because I don't have to explain why I won't sacrifice. We both act in our own best interest. He doesn't expect me to go couples bowling or some unappealing group consensus activity like that. We met on the computer playing Name that tune, since we both love music. I had not even heard of AR then so I didn't know what an obj was. I liked him because His intelligence is extremely attractive to me. He liked all the things about me and valued the things I liked about myself. The qualities people complained about, he appreciated which is the objectivist nature I embodied, sense of life , etc. Although we only have a handful of hobbies we do together, we respect each other and share the same values.
  21. I have a hostess who actually brings the bill and they do put smiley faces on it. I don't know if its true but it can't hurt.
  22. Hi Coco Zen teachings in many ways is in direct conflict with objectivist principals. Practicing non attachment, selflessness and non permanance come to mind, however, it also represents some of the most intelligent approach to figuring out your path in life. I adore Zen but I cannot embrace it entirely. Unlike some Objectivists, I take the good I find in Zen and just reject the bad. I don't need to condemn the entire Philosophy because I am an objectivist. My favorite Zen quote (very objectivist) ... "Never believe anything, Nothing, no matter what, no matter who has told you, not even if I have told you, unless you have figured it out and You believe it to be true" ~Buddah~ Namaste
  23. I first read AR In the summer of 1996. I came on line in the fall of 1995. I talked to a lot of new people and it was the first time someone referenced Ayn Rand and how her book changed their life. (this person became my boyfriend 6 years later). I had never heard of her before then. After talking with a few more people, someone gave me the nickname Dagny and said I reminded him so much of this character from AS. He had JG athem in his fave quote and I immediately identified with it. People always called me selfish (in a bad way) and now finally someone was encouraging it. Since it was a big book, I Decided Atlas Shrugged would be my summer read, but I began reading the Lexicon. It's amazing how she slaps you in the face with the truth. Her books gave me the voice for so many things I thought and felt but could not express. Not only that but those words affirmed me and gave me courage. I was hooked. I was right.
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