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  1. How bout dem Broncos?! I was so proud to be wearing my Champ Bailey jersey at yesterday's game. Not only was he a key ingredient to the win, but I just love a good defense! That was probably the best NFL game I've ever been to. Right up there with an Oiler/Steeler game I attended in 1993. I am hoarse today and think I'm half deaf, but it was a BLAST! 4-0, baby! We've got the Pats next week. I don't know if we can pull that off, but if our defense plays well again, we can at least make it a bit harder for them to beat us.
  2. Why does that video surprise anyone and how does it change anything?
  3. Go Broncos! (lol! Yeah, right, but gotta support the home team.) Cowboys suck!
  4. This whole post is inaccurate crap, IMO, but the above paragraph is the easiest to respond to and is nothing more than stereotyping. As you may have learned from Rand's essay Racism, stereotyping people this way is a form of tribalism. Yes, many people do this, but that doesn't make it accurate or proper. I cannot tell you how many times I have stereotyped someone only to feel guilty about it later (and since reading Rand's essay on racism, I have tried to be very aware of this and change my habits.) I have met women who look like complete, slutty bimbos, then they end up being highly intelligent, super friendly and courteous. One such woman even became my favorite coworker at a large company we once worked for. (She looked like Peggy Bundy from Married with Children. Her clothes and such were atrocious, but she was awesome!) Now I agree that many times (not all times), leftists are disorganized, sloppy, etc., in appearance and many have that evil look in their eye or smug look on their face; however, that doesn't mean every person that looks like Michael Moore IS a Michael Moore. C'mon!
  5. Welcome to the forum! Like Tom, I'm usually in chat where things are more casual and you can get to know people better. I hope you learn as much as I have.
  6. I can't believe that San FranFreako just got rid of him.
  7. Direct them to the FIRM website. This is my favorite page to link to.
  8. Why don't you start a campus club? ARI and this website have lots of info and resources for that.
  9. As a native Houstonian, this actually surprises me. Granted, they shouldn't have built it until they had a cruise ship contract lined up (duh!), but the cruise terminal in Galveston has been extremely successful and is not that far away. I think they've even added more cruises over the past several years.
  10. "The problems of our economy have occurred not as an outgrowth of laissez-faire, unbridled competition. They have occurred under the guidance of federal agencies, and under the umbrella of federal regulations." From http://blog.american.com/?p=4328 So there's ONE thing. He was right, once. (Of course, I'm sure he just did that for the unions.)
  11. You could try offering her a longer lease. Landlords hate going through the process of finding good tenants. If she already likes you and you're willing to sign an 18-24 month lease, that may seal the deal. Like sNerd said, I would talk to her about the status, though, before you offer any additional money/rent.
  12. Ooo! I think she'd be a great Dagny! Wow! I love Kate Winslet, but I hardly recognized her. I was just about to confirm with you that was her when I read Intellectualammo's post. I think she's beautiful (and would make a good Dagny as well.)
  13. I can't wait! Biddle was the first O'ist lecturer I ever heard and he was so good.
  14. Health Care is Not a Right by Peikoff I'm sure I can't say it any better.
  15. A moral government would have no need for such a request. It's disgusting for many reasons, much less the really dangerous ones.
  16. Better Off Ted is funny I love Portia de Rossi's character.
  17. with Steiger and Brando. Incredible acting. Another great one, same movie. Interesting use of sound editing here. When you know the political context involving the director, Elia Kazan and the HUAC, it just becomes all the more moving and interesting. The whole movie is just great with a strong sense of justice and morality. Plus, it's nice to see crooked politicians, mob bosses and thugs get what they deserve! As a piece of trivia, no, cabs never had blinds in the rear window. "...the cab set is so stripped down because producer Sam Spiegel "forgot" to pay for rear-projection equipment. Cinematographer Boris Kaufman had to improvise with lights and venetian blinds in the back window."
  18. Isn't that song about a drug addict?
  19. Well, maybe that wasn't the thread I was thinking of. I did a search, but as usual, the results sucked (both on google and here.) At any rate, there are plenty of threads about animal rights, whether or not athletes/actors/famous people are treated differently than other criminals, etc., so I was just pointing that out for the OP in case they're interested.
  20. Big, huge ol thread about this already here.
  21. http://www.wethelivingmovie.com/ You can order VHS there and it says coming soon to DVD. It's quite good!
  22. We are the stewards of Earth, The Egoist.
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